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Will Guild Wars 1 end?

GoanewGoanew Member Posts: 7

Hi all, was wondering...once GW 2 comes out, will GW 1 servers go down? Or will both games co-exist ?




  • skeaserskeaser Member RarePosts: 4,098


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  • GoanewGoanew Member Posts: 7

    Thanks Skeaser for the quick reply!

  • RageaholRageahol Member UncommonPosts: 1,127

    Anet said they will keep guild wars running as long as there are people still playing


  • Entropy14Entropy14 Member UncommonPosts: 675

    I have a feeling if GW 2 turns out to be half of what it seems it will be, GW1 will become a very empty place.  Not that its a bad thing, I would be happy to see them focus more on GW 2 if its a success and make it even better.

  • Dev_NightsDev_Nights Member Posts: 67

    I don't think that GW1 will empty that quickly. Due to the HoM providing 'bonuses' in GW2, and any achivements collected in GW1 after the release of GW2 will still affect GW2 there will be a mad rush of people trying to get their HoM filled ASAP after the release of GW2. This means there will possibly be a large number of people doing HM stuff looking for group for a couple months after the release of GW2. I might be wrong though.

  • kaltoumkaltoum Member Posts: 304

    GW1 is free to play and so is GW2, thats the biggest strength of these titles. I hardly doubt GW1 will die. The only day it will end is when ncsoft pulls the plug.

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  • ProsonProson Member UncommonPosts: 544

    Im sure Guild Wars 1 will be fine, its free so it will almost always have some players and like some said there is achivements and stuff connected between the 2.


    Ive read somewhere here someone said they should give away a free copy of original guild wars 1 with GW2 and that would be a nice idea to keep GW1 living, and they would still earn money off it since people would still have to buy the expansions.


    GW1 and 2 is very diffrent games as far as i know,  so they would  co-exist easy :)

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