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DarkSpace v1.540 Released

DrafellDrafell Member Posts: 588

DarkSpace version 1.540 has been released, featuring another long list of updates, bug-fixes and improvements.
Below is a list of the updates since version 1.535.
Download DarkSpace and play for free at

1.540 - Release
- Ally ships now persist until destroyed or their timer runs out. This means, if you use a server transfer gate they will follow you to the other server. Additionally, if you dock they will dock as well, and when you undock they will return.
- Updated server description for metaverse server.
- /meta command can be used in-game again to chat with everyone in-game.
- AI ships with Capture order will wait until they are fully loaded with units before trying to capture a planet.
- Released: August 11th, 2010
- HOTFIX: Fixed population counting error caused by the proxy connections to servers.
- HOTFIX: Shield messages updated.
- HOTFIX: Fixed issue with selecting spawn points owned by fleets on other maps.
1.539 - Release
- The MI threat increases...
- A recently detected coronal mass ejection from Luyten 726-8 A triggered a complimentary burst from Luyten 726-8 B. The Luyten Mist occluded the bulk of the resulting ions, shifting the emissions spectra of the nebula slightly and thereby reducing its reflectivity and brightness.
- Single server map implemented. You can now see all systems of the MV from the Navigation view. Web maps have also been updated.
- The Beta Profile Transfer link now automatically sets your 'Credits' to 20,000 regardless of its true value, so everyone can test Enhancements as needed.
- Released: August 8th, 2010
- HOTFIX: Fixed server-side crash.
- HOTFIX: Fixed problem with building platforms.
- HOTFIX: Fixed client-side crash when using transfer gates.
- HOTFIX: Fixed bad jumpgate in Luyten.
- HOTFIX: Server descriptions have been changed so you can see the population of the servers from the lobby.
- HOTFIX: Fixed max rank issues with Ursa Minor.. your max rank is now based on what spawn point you have targeted.
- HOTFIX: Fixed crash when selecting ship.
1.538 - Release
- Fixed a bug where ally ships would become unable to be ordered once they used a jump gate.
- Ally ships will not use a home jump gate until detached from their owner.
- Mi ships should now pose a greater threat.
- Long range sensors have picked up massive energy readings - what could it be?
- Made the cloak icon more cloaky (no-one can say we don't pay attention to the little things).
- Fixed jump drives not being reset properly when leaving an interdictor field via a jump gate.
- Lowered prestige gained from doing damage to an enemies shield or armour.
- Grouping is now implemented. Players may now create a group up to 8 players in size. The creator of the group may promote other members to leader status which allows them to invite or remove others from the group as well. If the last leader of a group is removed, then another member is automatically promoted to leader. While in a group, all stats are split evenly between all members of the group with the exception of Credits, Time Played, and Games Played. Groups can be persistent, if so you will stay in a group until you leave or change factions.

- Released: July 27th, 2010
- HOTFIX: Fixed crash that could occur when declining a group invite.
- HOTFIX: Fixed issue with players gaining stats from grouping when not even connected to the server.
- HOTFIX: Fixed issue with Cassiopeia & Andromeda maps.
1.537 - Release
- Weapons platforms have been fixed and can be ordered.
- Fixed ally AI so they can be ordered more than once and will return to defending the player once their order is completed or cancelled.
- Screen shot format has been changed to JPG.
- Structures function until 50% damaged.
- Added right mouse option to bomb when mouse is over a enemy structure.
- The "Games Played" stat is no longer incremented when using server transfer gates.
- Corrected message displayed when repairing structures.
- Fixed explosion effect for transport pods.
- Resources and enhancements can now be destroyed by weapons.
- Jump drives on new ships start at full energy level.
- Released: July 22nd, 2010
1.536 - Release
- Shipyards now have build queues. If there are not enough resources on a planet to spawn your ship, then your ship is place into a queue. The Shipyard will consume all resources over 10k so long as there are ships in the build queue. Ships in the queue receive resources split among them, so a station will not prevent smaller ships from getting built. Only 10 ships at a time can be built by the yard, additional ships can be queued but construction will not begin until other ships are completed.
- Docked ships now cost zero resources to spawn at their currently docked location or a jump gate. They cost 10% of their build cost to spawn at another ship yard.
- Trade logic has been rewritten.
- New layout for Sagittarius.
- Structures no longer auto-repair on planets.
- Engineering ships can now repair structures and platforms.
- On spawning the players ship is saved to prevent ship loss if the server crashes.
- AI will now spawn at server loads up to 50%, previously they would stop spawning at 25% load.
- Enhancement buy window now stays active after buying an enhancement.
- New "Ally" enhancements can now be bought. This one use enhancement summons a AI controlled ship that accepts orders only from you. This AI will last for one hour or until your ship is destroyed or docks.
- Improved AI defend logic.
- Released: July 18th, 2010
- HOTFIX: Added option to disable right click actions.
- HOTFIX: Increase CPU load threshold for AI from 50% to 75%.
- Released: July 18th, 2010
- Further balance tweaks to Sagittarius:
# Swapped in Tau Ceti in place of BD.
# Moved Tau Ceti closer to the other systems.
# Increased planet count in Tau and clustered individual planets to bring it in line with other faction home systems.
# Fixed ICC factional spawner frequency to align with the other factions.
# Further tightened R33 clusters.
# Added resource flags to a couple planets which were missing them.
- HOTFIX: Fixed AI transports.
- Added new Destroyer layouts
- Released: July 20th, 2010

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