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Return to my Game of Choice - and I love it!

PokemonTrainerRedPokemonTrainerRed Member UncommonPosts: 373

Ah, Guild Wars. I remember being so excited when this game came out. I was up to the second with the latest info on it's development and when it finally did come out that was me gone for the entire free time I had. They were good times. 

Alas...like all good things, I eventually got bored after completing the campaigns, winning some epic battles against other players with my Elementialist Dervish, and buying that Luxon Ranger armour that I love and still wear today...

I stopped playing for a while, but I recently started playing again, mostly prompted by the War in Kryta and Guild Wars Beyond content. It made me remember why I loved Guild Wars. The joy of exploration, the freedom from leveling, and the sheer variation on characters armour, costumes and skills. And of course, a certain overzealous loudmouthed drawf!


Guild Wars was a great game. And the community was great within the world, GMs who enjoyed the game as much as the rest of us, and who played along with the players themselves. All these things are why I loved it. I'm going to finish Guild Wars Beyond, and I'll see you soon in Guild Wars 2.


Dwayna watch over you all.



  • DoktorianDoktorian Member Posts: 131

    Hooray for you! If you are just starting with the War in Kryta stuff it can last you quite awhile, but if you've finished it all, it's probably going to be a long while before they add new content for it. It's been pretty stale for several weeks. Anyway glad to hear you're coming back to enjoy this great game!

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