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Lf Guild warfare

MadManMarkMadManMark Member Posts: 8

I want a f2p mmorpg with an interesting Guild Warfare system please tell me any you know of and give an explanation of the system with it too please.


  • MadManMarkMadManMark Member Posts: 8

    Just list any game you know and the significance guilds or clans play in it.

  • SorcerousKhanSorcerousKhan Member UncommonPosts: 164

    Most free-to-play games don't have strong guilds, I'm afraid. If you're looking for serious guild wars, particularly that supported by in-game mechanics, you're going to need to look at pay-to-play games.

    Dark Age of Camelot is probably your best bet.

  • Astro6Astro6 Member UncommonPosts: 247

    Jade Dynasty has a guild warfare system and is free to play it has best one i have seen so far.

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