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CTRacer : New client launch August 17

shijilalshijilal Member Posts: 1


Visit to know more




  • speedphluxspeedphlux Member Posts: 5

    Very excited about it !

  • DragRacerDragRacer Member Posts: 1

    Looking forward to 17th of Aug..can't wait though

  • ShijoAlexShijoAlex Member Posts: 1

    it looks cool now... can't w8 upto 17th aug 

  • india008india008 Member Posts: 2

    sounds good to me..let me try this one then

  • ice439ice439 Member Posts: 4

    hey Shijilal, where can I find CTRacer website? I can't access my account. Do you know when the game will let people log back on? website is down or out of service. what happened????

  • ice439ice439 Member Posts: 4

    hey anyone who was a member with CTRacer please let me know what's going on and why no one can log in PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • speedphluxspeedphlux Member Posts: 5

    GameNetWorks died. Game got shut down. No more CTRacer Global.

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