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Never should play at this game

This is an worst games distributer i ever come acorss for the past 10+ years gamming experience.

This is one company that never dare admit any error or bug in thier game and try to fix the problem, it will be the worst experience and nightmare if u invest time and money in this game..

They had ever invite me be 1 of thier volunteer but i reject thier invitation, reason is i told them i will only speak the true not just nice word to please any one included thier company as obviously they just can't  handle the true like most.

When thier Cash Shop item have error i being paying for months and being informed them many time they just ignore and deny there is such an problem which i did't request them for compensation only request them to fix it whichever time they require, instead of trying to fix the problem that instead they just simply ban me who invest lot of money in thier game and contribute lot of time time to help thier game community in most technical problem which they can't able to assist thier game member ( this an reason they invit me as volunteer at the first place) to hide the fact of thier problem they have which i never violate any of thier rule, infact i never violate any rule in any games distributer games.

So if u think this is an game u worth to invest time and money in then think again.

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