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92165449216544 Member Posts: 1,904

I have no clue what class to play. Im going to play in Qeynos. I really like doing alot of damage and having alot of hp or mp, I dont care if its a melee class or mage. Any ideas on a good class? I prefer fast combat and not alot of downtime.

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  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,844
    Well, if your gonna take the fighter line then i would aim for a zerker as they can dish out some pretty mean damage. I cant comment on caster types as i dont usually play them. Ive heard the Assasain also deals good damage, not too good in the hp department though and i think they arer Freeport only so that rules you out unless you betray before the last class quest.

  • 92165449216544 Member Posts: 1,904
    How fast are zerker weapons now? In EQL you had to wait several seconds to get a hit in, then if you missed you had to wait another 10 seconds to hit. I prefer to get alot of hits in a battle, not as fast as a rogue, just not slow. Whats a good race for zerker?

    EQ2 Qeynos Guild-

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