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How do i fix this ?

im using Window 7 64bit. I open game and i got his message. sr, i cant up the pic, but here is what is says:


Error occurred while running GameGuard. Please send all *.erl files in GameGuard folder to [email protected] via email.



how do i fix it ?


  • yaminsuxyaminsux Member UncommonPosts: 973

    Looks like gameguard not compatible with win7...

    or you didnt put exception into your firewall/router...

    or your antivirus wont let gameguard to execute (i've encountered this problem myself, running on vista/XP, AVG antivirus)

  • TaishiFoxTaishiFox Member RarePosts: 983

    Download this and replace the original in your Spellborn folder, problem solved.


  • DanielSimonDanielSimon Newbie CommonPosts: 1

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