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Blacksmith or Engineer better for PVP Pally?

HiHoEskimoHiHoEskimo Member UncommonPosts: 82


I'm trying to deside between becoming a Blacksmith or Engineer for my Paladin. I hope to play some PvP and have heard dinamite is very helpful in PvP.

Any input would be helpful.



  • McFrogsMcFrogs Member Posts: 9

    While Engineering does make some good bombs, high lvl blacksmithing is unbeatable in terms of what you get, insane armor and weapons.

  • BabbuunBabbuun Member Posts: 333
    But you get even more insane armor and weapons from high level instances (unless you come by a ne high level bsmithing recipy). Engineering isn't all about throwing bombs: you can make dummies to fool the enemy (imagine 4 of you standing in a line), pets that actually fight with you, etc. Check out what you can make at high levels on thottbot and allakhazam. At least a warrior with engi is far better in PvP than a warrior with bsmithing (although sometimes the engi warrior can't come by a good weapon).

  • indictagonindictagon Member Posts: 16

    EQ you can get in from friends, in the auction house, by questing and by doing instances. But lots of engineering gadgets are only usable by engineers. And boy are they usefull for pvp! For example the gnomish net thrower that gives you a root. Bombs that stun people and do dmg (only ranged dmg a pally can get is these bombs). How about 10 sec invunerability from ghomish protector belt? (check --> professions -> engineering for a list of stuff). There are 2 egineering paths, you have to choose one at expert level, gnomish and goblin. You can trade items with other engineers who chose another path and use the stuff they can make.
    But you wont be making any money with engineering since only engineers can use the items you make. Blacksmithing can be quiete a source of income at higher levels (so I hear).


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    My point exacly.

  • AsundaiAsundai Member Posts: 6

    Do you have to have the relevant gathering skill to get Engineering / Blacksmithing? If not.. why not get both? Could just use an alt for mining or buy the stuff you need from other players.

  • NeasNeas Member Posts: 887

    that be mining :P

    But you could just buy he raw materials from the auction house, other players sometime take 2 gathering skills and sell them (for a fairly hefty price depending on demand).

    Id say most lucrative trade skilsl would be skinning, mining and cloth gathering (cloth gathering being killing mobs).

    With that you can sell linen, metal ores, rare gems needed by nearly all the other trade skills, and Leather needed by leatherworkers for a fairly nice amount.

    If you dont mind being slightly bored thats the best combo if you ask me. Plenty of money to be made when demand is strong for the materials etc.


    Beta Tested: Lineage 2, Ryzom, City of Heroes, RYL, EverQuest 2 World Of Warcraft European
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    Beta Tested: Lineage 2, Ryzom, City of Heroes, RYL, EverQuest 2 World Of Warcraft European
    Truly Loved: World of Warcraft

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