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EQ2 VS WoW first impression comparision form unbiased me

colep53colep53 Member Posts: 140

Ok so I v played EQ2 and WoW. In EQ2 I have a 15 war, 11 rg, 0 shammy. In WoW I had a 15 war, and a 10 rg in open beta. So im gonna compare these 2 games from what iv seen so far. Much i have not done so this is a first impression comparision. Plz correct anything that I say that might change at higher lvls in the game. Ok so lets start.

Graphics- they don’t make the game they just help sells is what I always say, but hey lets do this. Ok so when I first played WoW I was like “WOW” I loved the graphics. I really liked the so called “cartoony” look mainly becuz it fit in the world so well and there was so much cool architecture that I saw. Now some of those buildings im not sure would even stand but I don’t care they look cool. Now comes the truth when I played EQ2 I was like “NO DAMN WAY THIS IS A MMORPG” the game looks amazing. All real all the time much more of a mature fell to it. The flora moves the heat shimmers and when u turn on bloom effect the colors are nice. Ok downside to the best graphics online is… well my computer cost me 2000 dollars last year. I have a 2.6 proc, 1gig o ram, geforce fx 5600 128mb, and well I run this game on lower than balanced{which is like between better performance and better quality} with few things tweaked but still it looks great.

Combat- Almost the same I fell. About the same speed. WoW may have been a little more flashy. Both games just improve a little on what has been done before, WoW maybe a little faster while EQ2 has H.Os( thats funny sounding).
Winner- Tie

Character customization- nothing needs to be said Blizzard should have had more options than this. I think EQOA for the ps2 had more options. Then theres EQ2 which is almost on par with SWG character creator.
Winner-EQ2 (come on blizz I don’t want to see 5 of me a day)

Not sure what to title but this is gonna be about the worlds, zones, stating cities ect.- Ok
So something that I hate about EQ2 is all good start in Qeynos and all bad start in Freeport. That is so stupid. One of my favorite things in EQ is running through the world then coming over a kill and seeing another starting city for the first time. Another thing is the zones and I know they prolly couldn’t of had the graphics without zoning but I still don’t like it even though its not as bad as I thought since zones outside city are huge. WoW on the other hand has no load times between zones, and has different starting cities for all the races but gnomes and trolls which is stupid should have had gnomergon. In terms of world size im not sure but EQ2 seems bigger. WoW seemed kinda small but I haven’t done much looking around in either but like I said antonica alone has a ton of mini seamless zones within it but still I think theres only like Antonica, Everfrost, Lava, Commonlands, Feerot and another. So maybe not.
Winner- WoW becuz of starting cities and seamless.

Classes- WoW has to little. Both games classes seem like they are all gonna end up the same. While WoW does have different path you can take and specialize in its prolly not enough to sepreate. EQ2 so far has just had these class choice thingys that increase certain attreibutes some I think. But im sure all war are gonna chose brawny and all rgs nimble.
Winner-EQ2 ony becuz theres more classes so there wont be so many people that are exactly like you.

Quests- In both game theres lots of quests. EQ2 has voice overs which are awesome all games better have this from now on. Now a lot of people make fun of WoW becuz of this “!” above anyones head with quest. Now I like it becz im not running around talking to ever npc to find a quest but then again I don’t like it becuz its muc more realistic to talk to different npcs. Anyways quests are quests go kill, deliver, collect, and come back and theres a ton in both games.
Winner- TIE

FUN- this is the question of the ages. You see WoW seems more fun I think becuz of the “cartoony” playfulness of it. While EQ2 seems dark and much harder. The truth is I enjoy both but not sure which is better. To me WoW having limited customization hurts becuz I enjoy being different having my own alter ego without limitation of 6 faces to choose from. But I don’t know.
Winner- I just cant decide.

Overall- If I had the time and the money and play both. But I don’t so id rather spend time and money on EQ2 a game that I hope has a longer lifespan. WoW seems more user freinly and easier while EQ2 seems deeper darker and harder. Both these games are great though and just go get one that fells right to you if you havnt already they are both great games.

PS and that gamespot rating of 7.8 for eq2 and 9.5 for WoW I truly think is ridiculous. I think blizz pays gamespot or it could be that they are still pissed about SWG i have been since it came out ::::01::

-Gosh you're cute. Wanna buy a monkey?

-Gosh you're cute. Wanna buy a monkey?


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

    First I stop playing both.


    - The locked combat in EQ2 work fine, you dont waste time on mobs that dont belong to you, no PL possible WoW, you can waste time not knowing it, can PL... EQ2 win no matter how much a detail it sound to you.


    - Customisation: EQ2 win slightly like you say, however, they should make for BIG difference you catch on a 1st glance more, higher or lower ears is not enought for me sorry.


    - FUN:  In the SHORT term WoW win easily, in the long run however they have a very casual friendly product that turn into Afterlife wonderland, so in the long term WoW is aggravating unless you are a hardcore raider.  EQ2 is definitely funnier in the long term, as long as you accept that everything resolve around your guild and grouping.   If you like EQ2 ater a week or 2, you should only like it more the more you play WoW, it can change pretty fast, as soon as you hit the highest levels.


    - Directions : Althought both games need to rework that, I find myself less lost and knowing where I was going in EQ2.  So EQ2 is a clear winner!  (I dont talk about finding new stuff, those need to be hard to find, but returning to a particuliar NPC or whatever).


    WoW got the Blizzard fanbois support for now, watch it disintegrate with time.

    - "Solo is, will always be, the main market. A MMORPG that succeed with little or no solo appeal is doing great considering they are ignoring the main player base.''

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  • sidebustersidebuster Member UncommonPosts: 1,712

    Great reviews, the both of yous. I beleave both these games deserve a 9 outa 10.


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