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Darkfall 2010 patch rumors

jawsomejawsome Member Posts: 28

- Boxed version of the game

- graphics overhaul

- Ul fix

- Dungeon overhaul

- preformace updates

- Supposebly suppose to be completed by Dec 2010

Anselm Williams of defiant Order a Darkfall clan


  • vinkikovinkiko Member Posts: 5

    Is this game any good? Im trying new mmos now and Im getting mixed reactions with regards to this game. I've played wow, warhammer, guildwars and some other minor games.

  • jawsomejawsome Member Posts: 28

    Darkfall has its shortcommings...but after playing it I could never go back to WoW or Warhammer because of the take on realism this game offers.

    I always hated how in WoW walking into an instance felt like getting on a ride at an amusement and thousands of others all try the same ride at diffrent times.


    I like it that darkfall is not like that.

    Anselm Williams of defiant Order a Darkfall clan

  • KrematoryKrematory Member UncommonPosts: 608

    I'm playing the trial right now, and I'm having tons of fun. I think I'm gonna sub. Download it and sing up for the trial version, it's definitely worth it.

    "EVE is likely the best MMORPG that you've never really understood or played" - Kyleran

  • smilingbobsmilingbob Member Posts: 90

    If they fixed the ui and some of the eyesore textures (like the grass >.< hurts to look at lol) This would be the only game I played. It would be nice to be able to move the camera w/o moving your character while in 3rd person too... and to go to 3rd person at will and not have to wait on the hidden cooldown to draw and sheath your weapon...

    Maybe if they even added a feature where you kept a certain number of items if you died while blue (like in old school Runescape, how you kept the 3 most valuable items, 4 with prayer when not skulled while pvping in the wildy)... guess I'm too much of a carebear lol...


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