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New to Role-Play - Need some help - Looking for RP-ers - ...

Starting to RP.

I've read a lot of post on here and I really didn't realised that many people acctually RP a game. It motivated me to start RP-ing myself. The only problem is that I don't know a game with an RP-Server (have played some mmo(rpg's) but never payed attention to RP-Servers). Also, i don't want to put a monthly fee in the game, so don't come here with games like WoW or other P2P-games, thanks in advance. One more thing, i'm looking for a game with nice graphics like the Perfect World-Games, not necessarily. If you can come up with a game, be sure to post it. 

Starting RP-Guild.

So to all those who would like to RP or do it already, I would like to create a guild  or if you want add me to yours. I like playing lot of games and currently i have a lot of time for it. Let's say 4 to 8 hours in the evening (european time) and 2 hours in the morning (I don't really now what the avarage time of an RP-er is.) Post here games you want to start with and games that you already play. 

Summary (post these things with title - RP Guild)

- In-Game Character-Name

- Avarage time of gameplay

- Favorite Races / Classes / (Types)

- Starting with new game? Put the list here.

- Games you already RP


Create your own RP-guide. Help other new-comers like me out with your RP-experience. 


Example to responce to this post (suggestion):

'Your own comment'

RP Guide / Introduction

- Name: Spectix or Spectrum

- Time: 6 - 10h 

- Race: Humans - Orcs - ... -- Classes / Types: Berserker, Hunter,...

-  (example) Guild Wars

- (example) Archlord


Example 1.

Rule 1.

Rule 2.



Example 2.

Random Text.


Off-Topic (kinda 'on') 

For those who would like to create a RP-game only (first I was thinking off an PvP-only game like LOTR Conquest, but reading the posts here changed my mind), PM me, I was thinking off creating a game a long time. But never found enough motivation or something came in between. So here's a call to the designers out there. If your an old school-adventurer and you can find the perfect game, why not create it? This game will be for hobby-desining only ofcourse, no monthly pay or something (who knows, maybe later on). These games are probly out there, but ya...


Thanks for all the suggestions and information your willing to post and especcialy, thanks for reading. Let's try to keep this thread alive. If a Moderator out there reads this (hello), please make this thread sticky, thanks in advance. So, time to finish this post. Hope you have fun here and find the stuff you need. Please try not to make this thread to crouwded, meaning, to many spam / non-topic comments. 


P.S: Sorry for my 'crappy' english or arroganty at some points, can't help it sometimes...








  • RosefireRosefire Member Posts: 1

     In-Game Character-Name: Rosefire

    - Avarage time of gameplay: Around an Hour

    - Favorite Races / Classes / (Types): Berserker, Dark Elf Shadow Knight.... etc.

    - Starting with new game? Put the list here.

    - Games you already RP: I own 2 sites. Both are RP sites of course. I can put the links if you want.


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  • Benj4minBenj4min Member Posts: 23


    Sorry for not following your guide-lines:

    Im not entirely sure what other people mean by Role Play. You can play a game anyway you like.

    To me role play is all about completing quests and following the main storyline. Then I talk to other players and go to do a bit of non-story stuff EG: Killing that really hard boss.....

    Role play isnt as hardcore as other gamers sometimes play but it is a more casual yet relaxing way to play.

    Some good games to RP on are all of AE's games* , Runescape, Runes of Magic and some of Aeria's games too. I dont play a wide range of games so I cant give you a full list.


    * Adventure quest , Mech quest , Dragonfable and Warpforce are made by AE. These are not fully online though but are online RPG's . They have a huge player database with PVP but its not the same. Play them and you will know what I mean.

    Adventure Quest Worlds is made by them and is a fulling online version of Advendture Quest. Try it out!

  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 18,942

    Try Lotro Laurelin server, just gone over to the hybrid payment system, so it is essentialy free. It is the official English speaking RPG server for Europe.

  • AteraanAteraan Member Posts: 36

    If you want serious, and I mean indepth serious roleplay or to truly learn how to roleplay, I would suggest trying New Worlds Ateraan, which is a TORG (Text Only Roleplaying Game) It is enforced on this game and there are guides, staff, and players that will help you become an expert.

    The caveat here is that it is entirely text so you would do well to go through the tutorial if you've never played an online text before as the command structure can be a bit daunting.

    Granted, I'm slightly biased as I'm an administrator on this game, but I assure you, if you give it time you will never find more indepth roleplay than on this kind of game.

    Here's the link:, look around, and check out the tutorial. Then walk away in a few months an expert in roleplay (or at least well versed).image

    We'll be waiting for you

    TORG - Text Only Roleplaying Game, the only way to go.

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