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New server of A3

Evening Guys !!


First of all,Forgive me if i have posted this thing in Wrong Thread

I want to Introduce a New A3 server "A3 Nx"

People who are found of A3 are most welcome to this server,even players who are new to this game will be fully helped

By the GameMaster's

People Who are Interested in joining This server Kindly visit

Or you can check out our facebook group!/group.php?gid=114659481912244&ref=ts

This server is having rebirth system

New players will be helped in starting rebirth's so that they can easily hunt and do their futher rebirth's

So guys we need your full Support in running this server.This server is absolutely  free.

And if you find and difficulty kindly Pm me Ingame on "Kael"

I hope you guys will join our server.Thank You



Karan Mundra

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