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Best MMO to be a crafter?



  • Netgamer7kNetgamer7k Member Posts: 62

    Setting up your own shop as a crafter in the original SWG was golden.

    Aion's crafting system is dull and grindy, but setting up your personal little shop anywhere you want is very cool while you were AFK.

    I like having more than just listing items that I crafted on a auction house or spamming it in a global channel.


  • AxehiltAxehilt Member RarePosts: 10,504

    If you don't like a game telling you, "you're a crafter, have fun AFKing!" then I'd probably steer clear of Darkfall and EVE.

    A Tale in the Desert and Haven & Hearth were the two MMOs which offered the most interesting crafting gameplay to me.  Crafting had a lot more breadth of activities in those games.

    Vanguard and EQ2 turned crafting into more of a game, which was also fairly fun.

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  • rwmillerrwmiller Member Posts: 472

    The crafting in Eve is quite complex and interesting but it isn't really practical for most people to even consider. You first will need months to train up your manufacturing skills to efficient levels and then you need blue prints for every item that you wish to make and then you have to place those blue prints into production queues on stations that could be full with the next available opening weeks or months away and then you still need all the materials. Crafting basic things such as ammunition isn't terribly hard as the blueprints aren't that expensive or hard to get and the materials are reasonably easy to get but you aren't going to make much if any ISK at it. While there is a great sense of satisfaction of having achieved the ability to craft an item in Eve there is actually very little sense of achievement in the actual crafting which is a very hands off process as you just submit your blueprint with the appropriate materials and money to a factory queue and take note of the date and time it will be ready for pick up and then return. There is more of a challenge in putting the item up for sale as you might need to transport it and find the best station to sell it in but as to the actual crafting it is completely joyless. 


    Vanguard crafting is pretty sophisticated also and now that they are down to a single server the market is reasonably active but they are down to a single server and it is hard game to recommend.



    SWG certainly has the most exotic list of possible things to create but crafting really does depend on a market to sell your stuff to and it is hard to recommend SWG as the player population is pretty low at this time.


    Old Everquest is still around and crafting isn't too bad in that but again you really need an active market and player populations in this game are pretty stagnant.


    One game that hasn't been mentioned is EQ2 which has a pretty good community and follows a pretty traditional line of crafting in MMOs that includes making items for player housing. The new free to play model for EQ2 means that in August you could give it a try without having to pay a subscription. However, Sony's decision to create new servers for this could cause some issues on the older subscription servers. One aspect of EQ2 crafting is that doing it can kill your character if you do it badly. Unlike most games where you just click a button and wait for it to be done and hope for the occasional rare in EQ2 as your item is being built you need to respond to on screen status indicators  to progress the item to a successful completion.  It is also not a bad game to play but again you want to pick a fairly active server to have a market to sell your crafted items to.

  • ValdosValdos Member Posts: 29

    Best ever, SWG.


  • olepiolepi Member RarePosts: 1,433

    Ryzom is the best, then games like Vanguard.

    In those games where the best weapons/armor/etc is player-made, then crafting is a lot more fun. In Ryzom, a player can buy a weapon from an NPC vendor, but never as good a weapon as a player can make and sell. Mobs don't drop weapons, just mats.

    Harvesting is a big part, IMHO, so Ryzom again goes way over the top with lethal harvesting (yes, harvesting can kill you), and prospecting required. By far the best harvesting/crafting.

    (edit: did not get to play SWG)

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