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BLACK PROPHECY RECRUITING: Blacklisted Gaming Community: Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore, Multi-Gaming, Matur

SwimchampSwimchamp Member Posts: 14

We are a Hardcore, Multi-Gaming clan. Please read our code of conduct below.

Visit if you are interested in joining our clan. Be sure to use a valid email address when applying, as it will be our primary method of contacting you. to visit our community portal site!

Our goal is to create a MATURE atmosphere focusing on ages 18+. We do not discourage underage players from applying, but they will be held to the respectful social standards of an adult. Furthermore, we like our Ventrilo to be active and energetic as well. Humor and shenanigans are always welcome within reason.

Even though our clan originates in North America, we accept members from all across the world. Anyone can apply to our clan as long as you read and speak english.

Again, i cant stress enough... please use a valid email address in your application. Our ventrilo info. will be sent once your application has been reviewed.

We have not decided on which faction to join, this will be determined closer to release.


Utilizing The Website

Members should check the site frequently. There are forums for discussions, events, and other announcements.


All members are required to own a mic/headset and download our voice program. 99% of all communication takes place verbally. We feel that this adds a unique and productive feature to our clan.

New Member Evaluation

Once a player has joined the clan he/she will be evaluated over the first few weeks. If at any time the officers feel that the player is not fit for the clan, they will be asked to leave.

Semi-Mandatory Attendance

We do not force people to be online at certain times, no matter how important an event is. Real life always comes first. However, we do expect you to be in Ventrilo and ready to go for any events you sign up for. We are very laid back and fun, but members will be expected to know when to settle down and get shit done.


We understand that some players are more casual than others, but there still has to be a line. Therefore, any member who has not logged in for 14 consecutive days, and has not contacted anyone regarding their absence, will be kicked. If you anticipate that you will be away for a while, please let us know about your absence by posting it in the forum thread titled "Going Away"

Douchebaggery Clause

It is important to respect one another. Remember that new members are always joining, and some have different levels of experience than others. Take a moment to collect your thoughts before you criticize someone, or make a joke. Know where the "line" is!

So what can be covered by this "No douchebaggery" clause?

1) Racism

2) Constant Degrading

3) Annoyances & Immaturity

4) Trolling (we all like to have fun, just know where the line is)

5) Drama

6) Inappropriate Behavior: In-Game, Ventrilo, Forums

How should we react when someone is truly being a dick?

Warn them. Tell him that "Hey bigotry is not tolerated here", and also tell him what the repercussions will be. The latter is very important, and all members should know what will happen if these lines are crossed.

Deal with problems in a mature way, and keep it contained to prevent excessive drama. Go to an officer for help if the issue can't be solved alone.

Have an issue with someone in the clan?

As it was stated above, we would like issues to be handled with as little drama as possible. However, there are times when a person may be hard to approach, or things get out of hand. We ask that you please contact an officer immediately. Either pull an officer aside in ventrilo, or send them a PM on the website. We will do our best to keep names confidential.


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