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EVE Online is breaking

ryansturyanstu Member Posts: 1

Eve online is breaking and the devs are not doing a single thing about it. They are concentraing on developing new stuff to bring in new customers in, instead of fixing current humongous lag issues that have many thousands up in arms. CCP developers have not acted in 7 months of customer dissattisfaction, many customers are left angry and frsutrated as the game requires many hours of grinding.


Currently bug fixing is not scheduled to start for another 18 months. Spread the word, this game is not worth the investment at the moment.


  • SeanalexSeanalex Member UncommonPosts: 45

    Although I am no longer subbed, the last time I was (less than 3 months ago) I noticed absolutely no lag issue worth bitching about outside of the 800 man fleet fight I was in, or when I logged on my Jita alt. How about you stop crying about lag and appreciate the fact that CCP is pushing the frontier of MMORPG's in a direction unheard of within the industry.

    So if they don't feel the need to bend over backwards for a little over 1000 subscribers who are experiencing lag (quite possibly their own damn fault, learn something about networking you tools) out of there over 300,000 + active subscribers who want more FEATURES. The bugs currently in game are inconsequential at best. So get off your "The Consmer is always right" high horse and sub some other game, EVE will be better off without you.

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  • DragohrDragohr Member Posts: 49

    Still playing and recently started playing the jita market. I experience no lag whatsoever besides the occasiocal hickup which all games have.

    Whats up with the endless lag whine and people saying they arent fixing anything? Eves better than ever and the only broken thing people ever yell up about is "omg rockets fail".

  • ZeroxinZeroxin Member UncommonPosts: 2,515

    Lol I do wonder what all those testing weekends on the Singularity test server are for...*thinks for a moment*....OH YEAH! They are for BUG FIXING!!! Seriously dude, if you want to help the situation log into to Singularity to help them find out what is going on with Eve rather than coming here to talk about it.


    And to the other guys, he's talking about null sec fleet lag. When large fleets come together its pretty hard for them to do anything because of something going on with the eve null sec clusters. Its not like CCP aren't trying to fix it but they are having a hard time finding the source of the issue.

    This is not a game.

  • EvileEvile Member Posts: 534

    Actually 0.0 space is having much more issues with lag then places like Jita. Jitas node is well reinforced. Certain 0.0 systems not so much. The recent updates have been causing these issues, nothing as extreme as the OP states, but issues thet need (and most likely will) fix.

    Anyone starting EVE would not even notice the issues of 0.0 unless they get themselves lost.

    My only issue with EVE is I felt like I needed a in game day job just to undock in anything decent. I simply don't have the time for that atm. Still EVE is a top notch MMO that is the Anti-WoW


  • HYPERI0NHYPERI0N Member Posts: 3,515

    LoL creating an alt just to bash a game that is working well.


    There is lag in 0 sec space where fleets meet to fight.

    CCP are still trying to work out why this is happening.

    Jita has little lag because it has a dedicated clucter for it alone.

    The new content is a good addition to eve [incarna and Dust 514]

    Old content is not being abandoned in favour to new as eash section had dedicated devs bug fixing.


    The thousands who are complaining are the userall vocal minoraty of eve. everyone else is happy with eve.

    Another great example of Moore's Law. Give people access to that much space (developers and users alike) and they'll find uses for it that you can never imagine. "640K ought to be enough for anybody" - Bill Gates 1981

  • ComnitusComnitus Member Posts: 2,462

    If you're going to listen to people complain about EVE, hear it from its players (VirusDancer, Malcanis, among others). They'll give you the real deal. Not this guy.

    We will complain, yes. But only because we love the game. I can see how some people think CCP puts new things in, but doesn't always take the time to make sure they work properly afterwards - which can lead to problems and a dissatisfied playerbase. Lots of stuff in the playroom, but no point if half of them are broken.


  • elistrangeelistrange Member Posts: 157

    Lag? Lag is something that I dealt with everyday when I played WoW. 

    OMG. A company devoted to bringing in NEW customers and expanding content?

    Grinding in EVE? I am sorry, perhaps I missed the grinding experience in EVE. But, if you ever max leveled characters in level/XP based games then you know grinding. 

    I don't see the company being unresponsive to players either. CCP has a board for players devoted giving them input. What other game has that? 

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  • Rockgod99Rockgod99 Member Posts: 4,640

    I wont lie to you; Eve in null sec during decent sized fleet battles lags like a bastard.

    CCP seems to be working on it so i'm sure sooner or later the null sec players will stop complaining.

    I've always enjoyed my time in Eve, the new features they've released in the last year or so (excluding the sov revamp) have been excellent.

    I tend to stay in Low sec and empire most of the time so the Eve I play is flawless when it comes to stability.

    Atm im kind of tired of mmos in general so I unsubbed until Incarna, it has nothing to do with "eve breaking" just tired of paying monthly fees and generally tired of playing what I consider the only good mmo on the market right now.


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  • spankybusspankybus Member UncommonPosts: 1,367

    ....CCP is actually patching it's servers with Duct Tape!! DOOOOM!!


    Trying to figure out if this guy works for Black Prophecy or Jump Gate.

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