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hello all

I just wanted to post on the underlight board to tell everyone that the game has a new developer and is up and running and extreamly addictive and fun.   You can find there offocial website here.

Underlight was an mmo that founded the mmo genre.  Any players wanting to look into the history of what made mmos what they are today would defenetly want to check this game out.  ITs stickly role play, but there is pvp and pve as well.  Threes alot to tell about are heritage of mmos that has come from this game.  If you would like to play it yourself and I extreamly encourage you to do so, please visit the link I gave above or visit here, follow the simple instuctions and enter the world of dreams as a newly awakened dreamer. 



  • DeriumsDeriums Member Posts: 38


     not to reply to this WAY too late, but I thought UO was the founding MMO. Not because this one failed, but because UO also came out in sept 97.

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