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How is PvP in ArchLord? Member UncommonPosts: 912

I come from Guild Wars where PvP was 8vs8 Guild Battles for ranking, 4vs4 Arenas, etc. I hear that ArchLord has excellent PvP, but my question is what kind of PvP does it have? Can someone break down what types of PvP there are, what the purpose is, etc.

I want to try this game, but not sure about PvP.



  • YarunaYaruna Member Posts: 342

    Open PvP from level 30 onwards. If you attack and kill a player that's 4 or more levels below yours you'll get villain points which brings certain disadvantages but can be removed. Outside the cities anything goes, no consent required. There are GvG's (guild vs guild) too, there is Siege. If you like PvP and don't mind being PK-ed on occasion (playerkilled while grinding), check to out. Old game though, grind intensive. I mean really heavy on the grind. You should be able to get to 30 in a few days, but levels will come slower and slower.

    Waiting for Guild Wars 2, and maybe SWTOR until that time...

  • XaionXaion Member Posts: 7

    To be honest with you, PVP is quite boring in archlord, it's one of my favorite games but PVP is a - here, let me explain: When you are looking for a fight and let's say you kill somebody, you get a blue/purple skull which lasts 30mins, in these 30mins you will get killed about 60 times by high level players, and also if you are looking for an even fight but the other player has highest HP pot's, you have no chance, you will be dealing absoulutely no damgage to him, or if you do he'll recover straight away. GVG battle's even it out a bit though, they're a bit more fun. That's my opinion of PVP in this great game.

  • ljubisaljubisa Member Posts: 13

    to add on which is said before

    If you go in Arena it is usually quick fight where casters will win

    if equal people fight out town it is pot war, who has more HP pots win

    usually all people have same skill and buff build for their class so the one with more REAL MONEY things (called CC items) and maybe better equip will win

    Nice to try but if you like pvp there is much better games than Archlord

  • MakurinaMakurina Member Posts: 13

    Unfortunately, this is most of what the game will ever offer for many players. ArchLord was originally billed as a competitive player-versus-player game with the unique twist that one extremely high-level player could ascend to the rank of "ArchLord," the ruler of the in-game world, possessing awesome abilities. Unfortunately, to get anywhere near that level, you absolutely need to belong to a high-ranking guild--a permanent association of players who fight monsters and perform quests together and, in this case, stand in lines for the next shot at the epic quests that lead to the crown. Without that kind of support, you'll take much longer to gain your experience levels and will have to constantly run back to town to purchase healing and magic potions to replenish yourself. You also won't be competitive in player-versus-player combat--unless you have a good group of high-level players to back you up, your character will pretty much be a sitting duck when you wander out into the wild.

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