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The Need For Speed

AtaakaAtaaka Member UncommonPosts: 212

Just wanted to pass along a tip to others concerning my video card and  ram (a cheap or frugal way of keeping up).

My computer once ran a dual processor at 2.8GHZ with 1gig of ram and a 128mb video card. Gamers know that this is hardly a gaming machine. But, I managed.

I added more ram first, which reduced the CPU noise. When I reached 4gigs of ram, the high  processing went away.

I added 1 terabyte of  video. This made my gaming very smooth . But, it caused my processor to ramp up . So, I purchased a power supply with more watts (went from 350 watts to 600 watts). The result was noiseless processor/harddrive gaming.

The computer still runs like a champ and can keep up with the big dogs. The point of this post is to let the budget gamers see a way to get more for less. For about $110.00, I was completely happy with my machine. I thought someone might need to read how I kept my upgrade under the limit and produced more speed in the process.

If you plan to upgrade, try RAM first because it will be cheaper to buy in most cases.

Always read your computer manual or ask a professional before tampering or tinkering inside a computer. When in doubt, let a geek check it out.

Good luck and happy gaming.

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