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Browser Game

splitcoldsplitcold Member Posts: 73

I am looking for a browser game to play, but heres the thing, I don't want to play for just 10 mins and thats all I can do. I have a lot of time to kill on the weekends, any suggestions? Something where I could play for hours would be awesome.


  • BellaHBellaH Member UncommonPosts: 269

    Try the link in my sig its browser but exactly what your looking for!

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 36,173

    Check out Earth Eternal

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  • BellaHBellaH Member UncommonPosts: 269

    Originally posted by Kyleran
    Check out Earth Eternal

    Yes! and Free realms and wizard101 are also browser
  • jisaacs1207jisaacs1207 Member Posts: 16

    It is rough to make a suggestion for 10 minutes of play, but I know some kids that like Dragon Fable.

  • baelr0gbaelr0g Member UncommonPosts: 12

    I got the PERFECT game for you.



    Browser turn based Sci-Fi game. You research techs, design and build ships, train commanders, form fleets and armadas to siege, blockade, raid planets, form councils to either backstab your pals or to get help to beat other councils, make pacts to get commerce, spy on your enemies to sabotage or steal their techs and lots more.


    Set starts July 29th and gotta tell you, its a very addictive but at the same time a very unforgiving and complex game. I suck at it but i love it (lol)


    Start with the You Tube tutorials (http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=4B6FBFA3406A916D) then bookmark  http://magellanwars.com/encyclopedia/encyclopedia.html and http://orderofatlas.com/mw/wiki/ cause they will come in handy once you are in game.

    Check the forums and try to stay tuned at IRC http://widget.mibbit.com/?settings=a97982afd13c9314da3b3ce9b23b3138&server=magellanwars.com&channel=%23magellanwars&noServerTab=false&autoConnect=true

    cause there might be changes for this new set =D (last set ended yesterday)

    Search the Gnosis.

  • DannygevitoDannygevito Member Posts: 5

    Runescape? i triedthis game.... :)  or the new one War of Legends :)

  • splitcoldsplitcold Member Posts: 73

    Originally posted by Kyleran
    Check out Earth Eternal

    Tried that game, gave it a shot to level 9. Full of bugs, lags, stupid loading screen pops up every 30 secs. And now the client crashed, and wont start anymore. I give up with this game. Checked on their forums to for a fix, did what they said and nothing, will not go back to it.

    Originally posted by jisaacs1207
    It is rough to make a suggestion for 10 minutes of play, but I know some kids that like Dragon Fable.

    I said more than 10 mins of play. I want hours!

  • splitcoldsplitcold Member Posts: 73

    Anything guys?

  • aacostaacost Member Posts: 5

    I would suggest this game. http://www.casvian.com/

    Ive tried this and I like this game so maybe you'd like it too.

  • AericynAericyn Member UncommonPosts: 394

    Don't laugh yet... I have a daughter. But I played around with it as well and had some fun. Kind of think it's intended to be played together with parents and their children.

    Disney's - Pixie Hollow http://pixiehollow.go.com

    Browser based mostly collection, and mini games. Good presentation, controls and seems to have solid depth. Crafting, clothing and house decoration, exploration, badge unlocks, pets. Free to play with membership benefits available - 6 bucks a month.

    No "combat" though - at least not that I have seen.

  • boibanboiban Member Posts: 3

    Try Travian, many of my friends play it. I dont like it myself though, not cuz it sux but I just dont prefer browser based games.

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