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Is this game dying?

helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

Hello there. I've been looking into this game for a few days now. I started playing it for a bit. I love the polish, everything seems fluid and great.


However, I had problems trying to get my gamepad to work (mainly trying to go in a diagonal direction) so I started looking for info the the net.


What I discovered is that the korean version of this game has actually been shut down due to lack of popularity in Korea. If that wasn't bad news enough, apparently THQ-ICE's domain name for their site is about to expire on August 18th. No mods or anything have commented on the matter.


gpotato is IP blocked. So that leaves the SEA IHA version.



If anyone could provide some info on this game and its state that would be great! Thanks in advance.


  • DithrainDithrain Member Posts: 20

    It doesn't seem too bad. When I've been playing there's atleast 5 people per map, on a normal pop channel which honestly isn't very bad.

    They'd probably say something if they were doing something drastic like shutting down the servers, or changing address names or anything of that matter. (Hopefully not atleast!)

  • VyethVyeth Member UncommonPosts: 1,461

    The market is currently being flooded with F2P's.. Some are JUST like this (Fists of Fu) and of course people are flocking to the newest graphically impressive one... It's almost futile to speak about number of players or current subscribers when talking about mmo's these days because friends follow friends who follow friends to whatever the first guy thinks is the best game to play..

    Just like AION, this game rode the rollercoaster of love and sadly it is almost over..

  • DithrainDithrain Member Posts: 20

    Btw, IAH-Games' version has much higher population. So hgh, in fact, that that's what lead to the creation of gpotato's and THQ*ICE's game versions.

  • theratmonkeytheratmonkey Member Posts: 684

    Since the new company took over, it seems to be doing better.

    I have a friend who plays and she's always bugging me to play. I have a lvl 28 Jester/bandit/trickster and I always see people online.


  • depqua415depqua415 Member Posts: 2

    yes it's quite boring


  • will_fwill_f Member Posts: 4

    I dont think so im playing it right now. still many players but im gonna rant for the item prices thier very unbalance right now so many over priced goodies they should do something about that or else people are gonna leave and eventualy dragonica will die.

  • jpnolejpnole Member UncommonPosts: 1,696

    Considering I hadn't heard of it before seeing this thread I'd say yes.

  • gc.migsgc.migs Member Posts: 17

    Seen the gameplay on youtube, meh its not quite good. 2d hybrid sidescroller game.

  • bloodbath08bloodbath08 Member Posts: 11

    There are plenty of MMO out there and i got to say sadly this game is dying. So to answer your question, its yes.

    I do hope they patch the game with expansion or something to make the game fun again.

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