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If this isnt pay to win

XiroXiro Member UncommonPosts: 116

like oh so many other games.. forsure checking it out~ i'd hope not :o 

this does sound pretty cool~ ;P 


  • klaosklaos Member Posts: 16

    This will be a free to play game?

  • RebornDragonRebornDragon Member UncommonPosts: 117

    Yes this is free to play. You get "Supply" in matches that can be used to add "Charges" to cards that give you a hero unit or upgrades certain units. You can also buy COHO points and add charges as well. You lose 10 charges on each card you play each game which can be filled back up with either COHO cash or with "Supply" you earn in matches. The only thing I've seen the REQUIRES COHO Cash are the +XP and +Supply items.


  • OzivoisOzivois Member Posts: 598

    It appears that as the cards get higher level the supply cost to recharge them goes up.  I am pretty sure that if you are playing the game often and your level gets high enough you will be forced to fork up some cash in order to keep your upgrades and heroes for all of your matches.


    The other route would be to play some of the games with none of your cards equipped so that you can grind supply.  If you like the game though, its better worth just paying a few bucks to keep your edge.  At this point the cost of the credit is pretty low.

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