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My favorite game ever.

whoachica5whoachica5 Member Posts: 1

This game has literally captivated me for the past 7 months.  I get on just about daily and enjoy breeding new Fauna and wandering the worlds the devs have created.  There is so much to explore and discover.  I especially enjoy the resource gathering aspect of the game! 

You are considered a caretaker and have your own sphere that you can decorate and build as you wish.  You can gather building blocks by shooting pollution in the various worlds. The worlds will give you the type of blocks that the world is consisted of. 

As a caretaker you have fauna.  You start out with one fauna and as a free player can have up to three.  If you choose to pay you can have up to 40 (you can get 50, but it's complicated - Faunasphere forums have much more info)  You must take your fauna out and earn lux (the currency in the game) . As you are earning lux, you are also earning egg points.  Once your egg points reach a certain point you will lay an egg.  It gets increasingly harder for one fauna to keep laying eggs.  A sole fauna can only lay 20 eggs in it's life.  Each egg it lays determines the level of the sole fauna.  You can breed with the eggs the fauna lays.  You sit on the egg and out pops another fauna to level and lay eggs with. The breeding of certain types of fauna is definitely my favorite part of the game.  There are almost 20 different breeds, several colors, several patterns, eyes, ears, tails, and secondary colors.  The eggs will take genes of each category from the fauna that layed the egg and the fauna that hatches it.  There is a random factor to it too.  And all the fauna have a set of recessive genes that you can pay to see or just hope you get lucky.  Getting the different mixes is quite interesting and sometimes irritating!  But it is all in fun. 

Others can visit your sphere and you can befriend other caretakers while you are out in the worlds.  Some goals are way easier when teamed up with other caretakers, but are all entirely possible to do alone if you wish.  Most are loner goals though.  You can trade items with other caretakers through a very user-friendly trade window.  There is the availablilty to block pests that you encounter.

The game is full of bright colors.  The game houses a ton of loyal and devoted players.  Most of them are very helpful and friendly.  The developers put out updates just about weekly.  They come out with new breeds of fauna, new worlds, new side worlds, new colors, new patterns, goals, and much more.  There is way too much to this game to sum it up here.  I don't have the time.   The devs do take suggestions under consideration and the support from the players and the game contacts are fantastic! 

It is a family friendly game, but it's original game base is targeted towards middle-aged women.  It does attract many children because of it's enticing colors and so very cute animals.  Most of the people I run into are intelligent and friendly people though. 

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