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Seriously what can this offer?

NildenNilden Member EpicPosts: 3,073

How could you justify a subscription for an MMORTS? When you have World in Conflict, Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander, and Starcraft 2 coming out.

So I watched the video and it didn't seem that inspiring. He says it will be unlike any other RTS game in history because it has big battles and team play...


Hope they have a triial.

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  • HarabeckHarabeck Member Posts: 616

    None of those have 50 players playing on the same map. They don't have the same kind of character progression or crafting. They don't have the same social elements as an MMO. Pretty simple answers really.

  • SnailtrailSnailtrail Member Posts: 258

    Yes all the other RTS games go along the lines of, you sit in the lobby, join a game, it pops a map with the participants on it, once someone wins, its over and back to the lobby.

    This persistant world thing looks interesting, however im not sure how they will make it so people dont get steamrolled while they sleep.

    Oh and take COHO off your list, they are axing that game after beta ends, would have competed too much with their upcomming retail box RTS or something.

    Just saw this game so i havent really looked into it, as COHO brought back intrest in RTS for me.  Trion stuck out as im in Rift beta, so this looks interesting and im going to have to look into it, mabey over Rift as my game...



    Just browsed the site...this looks really interesting



    However its always in the execution.

    I might be excited about this....

  • GudrunixGudrunix Member Posts: 149

    MMORTS is an empty hole of a genre waiting for any even halfway decent game to fill it.  Right now MMORTS barely exists; the closest games would be the horribad browser-based city-building type games.

    As noted above, it will all be about execution--and there are a number of major issues to be addressed, like how to keep super-guilds (who can have lots of players online at any given time) from dominating the persistent game.  Some of those are new issues, and some of those are known issues from games like EVE.

    But at least someone is taking a chance rather than going with the "safe" level-and-gear-grind MMOs (which, ironically, have turned out to be massive sinkholes for money, with one huge exception).  Now if only someone would design a true Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game rather than the hack-and-slash grindfests that try to pass themselves off under that name . . .

  • AlyvianAlyvian Member Posts: 342

    one would expect its worth it for a few simple reasons:


    - Its falling trion they already released one rather good game.

    - Petroglyph has a rather good history concerning rts games atleast

    - Pie is awsome and most of all they aint hyping, which is only a good thing.

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