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How is it?

So, i've read the other threads and the game sounds okay. But, how's the fighting?

I'm not looking for anything specific in the fighting...just something fun. I believe that Aeria Games is the publisher for Shin Megami: Imagine Online, or am I wrong? I liked that game for a little while, and i really liked the fighting in was twitchy and it made you think too, and you had to react fast. Mabinogi fights like that too. In those games you could dodge attacks and don't just click an enemy and watch you're character do all of the fighting.

And how are the boss fights? Is it possible, with great timing, quick thinking, and a decent strategy to not get hit at all? Not easy, but possible?

Please don't tell me I'm not going to find a game like that, like people have before, because I've found at least 3 like that already >.< (Mabinogi, Shin Megami, and Dungeons and Dragons Online)

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