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MMO with limited pool of characters?

apocalanceapocalance Member UncommonPosts: 1,073

I don't want to spend all night phrasing this question and the multitudes of variants, so I'll simply ask it this way.

Does this game not concern itself with duplicate characters? In other words, if you wanted to, could everyone in your group be playing as Iron Man if desired?

Is this really like choosing a class in another MMO, without the character customization?



  • VercinVercin Member UncommonPosts: 290

    I think the audiance they are aiming at is maybe 10 and below. So ya.

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  • ackwonackwon Member Posts: 16

    To answer your question, NO. There can only be one type of character in a group,. So they won't allow 4 Iron Mans or 4 Hulks.

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