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Just how long has this game been in development?



  • BademBadem Member Posts: 830

    Well I went to the CoS website and had a browse around.

    "Citadel of Sorcery is being created by a independent Software Developer called MMO Magic. We are comprised of a small group of game industry professionals.

    Many of our team member have experience in their field from working at other game companies over the years. Our producers have all shipped multiple game titles, our Lead Designer has designed many shipped titles, our Writer has written several fantasy book series, our artists have created art for many games on the market, our programmers are cutting edge engineers with credits on some great games and many of our level builders have over thirty years experience creating games.

    When we say that our core team are professionals, we mean it in the fullest sense of the word. However, we are also seeking new talent to add to our core group. If you are ready to be part of the most exciting MMO project ever conceived, then feel free to contact us (see the 'Join the Team' section).

    Currently we are creating an 'extreme' prototype of Citadel of Sorcery. This is not a typical prototype, or Tech demo. We're making a fully playable game, with all significant technology in place, as well as full demonstrations of all game play elements. In other words, the prototype is the full game only missing some additional art and level building."


    Still cant believe the OP [cares] about 'Oh noes the MMo magic website tells me nothing'

    the FBI websites tells me nothing, better go [complain] to them about it, I wanna know who is in charge of the LA office and shizzle like that, i want to look at female agents and see whos hot so I can stalk her....

    Best og luck to the Dev's on this, i think they might have a little cracker here


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  • lilnate22lilnate22 Member Posts: 50

    err correction, it was "Mourning"


  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    Somthing that just sprung up, if they are indeed a "virtual company" scattered about god knows where, are they really implementing features such as motion capture?

    We've decided to go with motion capture for the character animation. We tried hand animation, but the motion capture adds far more realism to the movement of the characters. We have 70% of the motion capture data ready now, and several characters, all human so far.

    This was posted back in 2007, looking at the 2009/8 holiday screenshots of them fooling around, I find it hard to believe that is somthing they actually integrated (or plan on), along with many other features including the idea of completely dynamic NPC's

    For example, since the NPCs are created in Enact to have their own individual lives, and even we don't know exactly what they will do at any given moment, strange occurrences can sometimes take place. You might be wandering around with your character and find the streets kind of empty because most (or all) of the NPCs heard about something happening at the Citadel Palace and went to go see the event. This, though possible, isn't desirable. We would have to track down who messed with the A.I. net and caused such a powerful Event, and tone down the power of the rumor, or change the priority of this event. To do that we have to know what caused such an occurrence.


    Using today's technology you can't make an npc anymore dynamic than what we saw in Fallout 3/Oblivion without either making their actions somewhat randomized (30% chance npc will do this 5% of that, etc.) or making a veery long script on each one of them.

    Unless they've developed some kind of sentient AI, in which case we've got bigger problems. :V

    Granted ton's of mmo's dev's end up lieing about having several features, CoS is stretching it in a rather silly way.

  • IsaneIsane Member UncommonPosts: 2,630

    Originally posted by Wolfenpride

    Originally posted by Isane


    Wolfen, MMO Magic use this forumn to help people discuss ideas and respond with respect to COS seems you do not appear to have grasped the concept. Coming in here and being nothing short of an aggresive nobody is so poor and amusing at the same time.

    To get something back here you need to contribute and to be honest you have not done that or shown any real interest in the game. All you seem to have done is demand information from a game which is in a deelopment cycle. Which does not warrant them setting up public forumns until they see fit. The approach has been stated but you seem to be demanding information that you will never be privy to or even deserve.

    Jatar is pretty damn good and to be honest has dealt with you in the manner beffitting , he just wiped you off of his shoe and you persist in trying again. You have had your response now go be nasty and aggressive somewhere else.

    • Or you could continue to skulk here making a fool of yourself.

    • Lets see a Dev of the game or an aggressive attack by a nobody....

    As you notice nothing about the game here , it must be all about you how grand.

     And who are you again?


    All im asking for is basic information/contact info every developer makes available right from the get go.

    The developers have stated their approach , respect it.

    You can't even confirm that MMO Magic even exists as an actual company, absolutely zero references from anywhere and theres literally almost nothing about them on their own site. Even Indie Companies have this sort of information available, Ace Team, 2D Boy, Flying Lab Softwares being recent examples. Contact Info, Headquarters location, Goals, even a mention of who the Founders are, this is all basic information that at least confirms a company exists to begin with and is serious about their work, and MMO Magic has none of that available.


    Not only that, but they have absolutely nothing to show that a real working game exists and that they've done any work with it. I've read through those several of their little diary updates about all these great features they've supposedly got working so far, and again absolutely nothing to confirm it with short of pretty words.

    So ?

    These developers have gone 2-3 years like this, they are unbelievably pathetic, especially when their only represenative  seems to spend his time lurking mmorpg.com and answering disgruntled criticism with a snobby attitude. Doesn't sound like something anyone would pay you to do.

    Jatar is spot on and I have no reason to defend him , is nothing but professional.

    Completely unprofessional.


    And before you say it, yes I can get away with a rude attitude, because I'm not representing a company and their game.

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    The game concept is fantastic, other than that little more at the moment matters.

    Sorcery must persist, the future is the Citadel 

  • DLangleyDLangley Member Posts: 1,407

    Please refrain from using personal attack and baiting tactics in your posts.

  • IsaneIsane Member UncommonPosts: 2,630

    Originally posted by DLangley

    Please refrain from using personal attack and baiting tactics in your posts.

    Citadel of Sorcery will be Like "Manchester City" a phoenix rising from the ashes battling the dark forces of Morphael (a.k.a Old boy Alex F).

    Sorcery must persist, the future is the Citadel 

  • summitussummitus Member UncommonPosts: 1,414

    Originally posted by Sovrath

    This is probably over reaching on my part and definitely unsolicited but I would have put Jatar's post a different way had it been me;


    Hello Wolfenpride, thank you for your interest in our game!

    As an FYI We are an independant software developer, not a publisher and in truth we have been completely up front from day one about the game.  From the beginning we told people that we were in the very early stages of game development, and we've done everything we can to keep people informed as to the development progress.  The amount of time it takes to make an MMO lilke Citadel of Sorcery is not an exact science, nor is it something we would hurry as we want to make the best game possible for our players.

    We pride ourselves in our work and will release the game when we feel it meets our high standards. As we are an independent company we tend to keep our financing on a need to know basis.

    To clear up any confusion the company making CoS is MMO Magic, Inc.

    As for your 'vaporware' comment, I can see where this is always a concern when a new project is announced. Hopefully once we have made suitable progress we can release enough info to satisfy all of our possible players.

    It's our goal and what we are striving for.

    Please watch our forums as well as this section for any pertinant information and again, thank you for inquring!

     lol best Post in this thread by far !  :)  ( though I know your probably not trying to be funny , it still made me lol )  ;)

  • IsaneIsane Member UncommonPosts: 2,630

    Jatars' response was as good as it gets. I think thats how we should all leave it , it shows the ammount of respect the developers believe the OP deserves from someone developing the game.

    And in reality as the developers are developing the game I wish to see thats where i will plant my stake in the ground.

    Sorcery must persist, the future is the Citadel 

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