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LotD and End of Nations

LrdHadesLrdHades Member UncommonPosts: 164

LotD News on End of Nations

LotD Gen Discussion on End of Nations Info - One Stop Shop Info Page

The MMOFPS's were a total bust IMHO, but I think this MMORTS by Trion/Petroglyph might be more successful. With all the MMO/WoW clones out there we really want to explore other MMO offerings so we are going to be keeping an eye on this game's progress.

Feel free to drop by there or here to add any good information any of you are able to obtain about this game. While MMORPG.com will probably tailor their stuff towards general gaming, we're going to try to tailor ours to information summaries to what competitive PVP guilds/clans care about.

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  • 3rickZann3rickZann Member Posts: 17

    Nice!  I'm really excited to see some of the hardcore guilds taking interest in this. 

    *dusts off the ol' gaming headset* 

  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    Is this playable yet?

  • WarhawkeWarhawke Member UncommonPosts: 42

    Looking forward to this game. 50 people fighting on the same map sounds awesome. Wonder when it's going into beta?

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