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thinking of starting this game. info please/

punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777

just seen the going rouge video and that made me want to try this game.

any info?  is it good for new players to start?  and how is the pvp is there a point in it or no?


oh and i am going villians lol. 


  • therain93therain93 Member UncommonPosts: 2,039

    There is a free trial so you can find out for yourself just how good it is.  Many of us enjoy it still and it's definitely fine for new players to join.  Unlike other games, this one encourages rolling alts based on the the number of possible combinations of powersets you can have so veterans are often re-rolling.  Be warned though -- villian/red-side is a bit sparser in general but particularly the starting areas.

    As for PVP, it exists but they're still trying to figure it out.  There are dedicated zones for it but, at this time, there is no poin to it.  In the past, they had Items of Power (IoP) which you could capture and store in your base, resulting in DAoC-esque raids.  But, that was shelved due to some issues.  The Cathedral of Pain, which at one time gave up the IoPs is coming back but not the PvP base raids, sadly.

    Anyway, give the trial a whirl.  Also be warned, with the trial, there are limits on your level (14 i think), the amount of cash/influence/infamy you can carry, and you cannot use broadcast or tells, just local channels.  This would be another reason to go towards hero-side, at least in the trial -- to guarantee you can meet people and get a feel for the game.

  • PhlegethonPhlegethon Member Posts: 26

    Trial accounts can also talk in team chat.

    Your best be is to put 'Trial accnt' in your Search comment, so that when other's see you in search they know you cannot respond to tells.

    You will also have access to the forums, Player Questions is a great place to start, folks will often compete to answer your questions first. I highly recommend introducing yourself in the Mentor Project thread at the top of that same section, they can offer a great deal of help, and can also provide in-game help to your questions or even just show you around.


    As for playing CoX, be prepared to spend some time in the character creator. My very first character took me about 2 hours to create, not because it's difficult or works poorly, but because there is just so much there. With the added ability to change the colour or the form of most powers, it's even more fun to play with. I recommend having a concept to work off of prior to starting. WARNING: Due to the alt-centric design of the game (You get 12 free character slots... per server... that means you could roll 132 character, for free, right off that bat. (If you choose to play on an EU account you have access to 4 servers 2 English, 1 French, 1 German. Sadly for our European brothers and sisters this is a seperate server community with the inability to play on the NA servers, nor can NA servers play on the EU servers.)

    If you have a character name in mind, make sure you have alternates/variations/backups, names in CoX are unique, meaning first come, first served on each server. If you want Fire Hawk / Super Dude / Amazing Girl or any 'common' super-heroee name it's likely already taken. When you are at your server screen there is a 'Check Name' button, I recommend using it prior to jumping into the creator. Personally, I have a Thesaraus, Myths and Legend Enxyclopedia, and a couple of more books on my desk to glean names from, (but I'm also a nerd.  XD  )

    What Archtype (AT) to start out with...?

    That really depends on t you particular play-style. Scrappers (hero/blueside) are fairly user-friendly for new players (newbs - not to be confused with n00bs) Redside (villains) Brutes and Masterminds (MM's) are good starters. Both Scrappers and Brutes are 'in your face' melee fighters, MM's give you controllable pets (1 to start with and a growing stable as you gain levels.) Controllers/Defenders/Dominators are slower soloing, but are great team-multipliers by buffing teammates and debuffing foes. Blasters/Corruptors are the ranged attackers and can typically pack a big puch, but are referred to 'glass hammers' for a reason. :)

    I highly recommend running the tutorial, and actually read everything. The game is pretty good at explaing to you how fighting works, what you do with insperations (insp, they give you a little boost to you abilities such as damage, or accuracy, or defense, etc.) How you can slot enhancements (Enh) to increase your powers abilities. Talking to contacts, running missions, etc. The tutorials are a great way to familiarize youself with how your character works, and how the game functions.

    Just rmember to have fun. Because the game is alt-centric, there are tonnes of stuff for the new player to do on the way to the level-cap (50.) You will hear it mentioned often, the game is about the journey, not the destination.

  • NejiBoy89NejiBoy89 Member Posts: 21

    Things to know as Villian:


    1. Rare to team before lvl 20 (At least for me it is)

    2. First Island is pain for traveling

    3. Villains are awsome!


    If anyone disagrees with what i posted please just take it to the complaint department, cause I don't care what you have to say.


  • bronzeroninbronzeronin Member Posts: 89

    CoX also has a level sync system that is nice, low level toons can team with higher level ones and they are scaled to one level below them, it has change a bit here a link to the wiki for full details  This site also has some good info on the different classes that are called archetypes.  Lots of stuff to choose from as you can see and yes alts are very common. Have fun 

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