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I want to play this badly :(

Muggy12Muggy12 Member Posts: 2

Hey guys I am really trying to get this game but can't past the registration since its in Korean. Has anyone managed to get past it and download/play? if so how do you do it ???


  • nekrothingnekrothing Member Posts: 302

    I have (been playing since last year), and trust me, the game is not worth it. The game is not worth the trial by fire you would have to go through in order to actually play it.

    The game itself is a far cry from anything "Dragon Ball"-related, and the similarity to the series is in the name alone. Humans turn in to Saiyans, you can't fly, and you can't even go to Other World. This is pretty much the MMO-equivalent of Dragonball Evolution.

    But if you still want to try and play the game, I would recommend using google, because if you do decide to try and make an account, google will probably end up being your best friend.

  • Muggy12Muggy12 Member Posts: 2

    Well if at all possible I think am up for playing it even if it is horrible I wouldnt mind trying it. Are you still playing it? and how did register your account/ download and set everything else? do you know Korean?

  • nekrothingnekrothing Member Posts: 302

    Very rarely do I play the game anymore. The content dries up after about level 35, and after getting three characters to around that level, I've pretty much stopped playing fulltime.

    As for registering an account, I have a friend over in Korea who helped me, and unless you know someone in Korea willing to help you as well, you won't be able to legally make an account. You need to...

    1. Have a legit Korean social security number


    2. Have someone in Korea do a cell phone authentication thing for you

    Basically, what happens is you need to enter a real Korean social security number during the registration process. Once you register an account, you need to activate your account so you can play DBO, and it's been found that the best way to do this is through an automated cell phone activation thing. It only works for cell phones in the Korea area though, meaning only someone in Korea can activate your account for you (what they do is they text a code to the cell phone, and you enter the code in a blank box to authenticate your account).

  • itzjustiitzjusti Member Posts: 1

    hey nek. could i plase have ur acc then to see what this game really looks like since ur not playing anymore? please get this.

  • petek74petek74 Member Posts: 2


    I had problems with registering and downloading the game. I managed to do it with this video . And about The game it is AWSOME. It's awsome to feel that you are the descendant of goku or vegeta. It also needs strategy about how to beat bosses, players e.t.c. There are also TOURNAMENTS. You can also make guilds, take over dojos with it and fight other guilds. There are more features about the game, but I can't remember them now. IF YOU LIKE DRAGONBALL THEN YOU WILL LIKE THE GAME. I personally disagree with nekrothing for one thing. The game is related to dragonball not only for its name. Of course, because it is 200 years after the events of dragonball the show lot's of things are different. When you manage to play f you need any help tell me. My username is petek723.

    Hope I was usefull.

  • petek74petek74 Member Posts: 2
    oh by the way you can fly
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