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payment options

tinman00tinman00 Member Posts: 18

Anyone think they will be a free to play option like in shattered gal or will it be sub based only


  • 3rickZann3rickZann Member Posts: 17

    The FAQ seems to indicate that it will only be subscription based.   Since it's an RTS with MMO features (like dynamically changing content and a persistent world) that's not a big surprise. 

    This isn't going to be like a standard RTS where you play through the game once, and then your're done; there should always be something new to see, or some new battle to join. 


  • MogrisMogris Member Posts: 10

    This is supposed to have a subcription, but I hope they have enough sense not to ask for $15 a month off the bat. This needs time to develop properly and a full AAA sub price is too much for what I am seeing.



  • AlyvianAlyvian Member Posts: 342

    at this point the only thing we can do is sit and wait and see what trion, or rather petroglyph, delivers this time.


    It will be pay to play though

  • KhaosmachineKhaosmachine Member Posts: 2

    Well they are just stupid to go subcription based right away they should do the free to play and subcription for microtransactions. They will be kicking themselves if they dont because more of these games have seeing more revenue with the free to play base then with the payed subcription. If they really want this game to survive they have to do the free to play way. I would only pay for one time sub after that is not worth it because your not getting your full moneys worth of game.

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