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Training ground.

MogrisMogris Member Posts: 10

I like what is being showcased by Petroglyph games here. My question is what rts games would be good to sharpen my RTS skills before they release this game? I haven't gotten a RTS since Rise of Legends and it refuses to patch shutting down multiplayer.  My computer is about 3 years old so what would be a good choice and why?




  • 3rickZann3rickZann Member Posts: 17

    Good question.  My initial reaction is that you should play whatever RTS games you enjoy!  If you remove the fun factor, there really isn't a point to playing games at all!  :P


    Otherwise, I'd go with the standards; Command and Conquer, Civilzations, StarCraft I & II (which is stunning, by the way) and FrontierVille....yes, FrontierVille.   There was an interesting article on Gamepro discussing how much Mike Legg was getting into FrontierVille and how some of the systems may influence the final product. 

    Hope that helps! :)

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