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Ywain Mids

LeucentLeucent Member Posts: 2,371

Have a bunch of 50 s all Mid and was wondering, how do Mids fair on Ywain. I miss the RvR in this classic game, and well since i ll be playing FFXIV, when it releases I was hoping to have this as my RvR fix again. Anyone know if Mids do well, or at least compete. Are they the whipping boys of the server, or jusr 8 vs 8 groups all over. Any help is appreciated.


  • LeucentLeucent Member Posts: 2,371


  • cyanhidecyanhide Member Posts: 141

    its pretty close on ywain ,i'm thinking you hibs are on a winning spree for the momment :p


    but we albs will be comming  back hehe ^^ 

    so yea log on ! 

  • WarspineWarspine Member Posts: 105

    It's very good population all over the realms. around 2-3k logged in. And still only one world to fight in so there is alot of action going on.

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