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Anything improve with this game?!

bosmer24bosmer24 Member UncommonPosts: 115

Anything about this game improve since release? It had some good ideas,hybrid leveling being one of them.

But it forced you to quest almost cause grinding wasn't an option.30 exp per kill when you had to get 9000 exp for the next level.

Well anyways...






  • bosmer24bosmer24 Member UncommonPosts: 115

    So i take that as a no?

  • enkiduenkidu Member UncommonPosts: 7

    I've found this interesting thread on their forums

    Maybe something is moving.

  • ShealladhShealladh Member UncommonPosts: 90

    Originally posted by bosmer24

    So i take that as a no?

     Well if you came to the official forums you might get more information.

    They have merged the trial server and official server into one now. So give it a shot.

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