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NASA invites gamers to explore Moonbase Alpha

PieRadPieRad Member Posts: 1,108

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NASA Invites Gamers To Explore Moonbase Alpha

NASA Invites Gamers To Explore Moonbase Alpha While NASA might not be returning to the real moon any time soon, the virtual moon is anyone's game in Moonbase Alpha, a multiplayer lunar exploration adventure game, now available for free download via Steam.

Every day gamers perform feats they never could in real life via the games they play. Now NASA is doing the same thing with the games they create! In Moonbase Alpha, NASA returns to the surface of the moon with a mind to conduct research, explore, and eventually colonize the surface of the moon. To that end, the organization establishes a self-sufficient base on the south pole of the moon called Moonbase Alpha.

And then something goes terribly wrong, and everyone might die. This is why we can't have nice moon colonies.

The player in Moonbase Alpha takes on the role of an astronaut returning from a jaunt on the surface, just in time to witness a meteorite disable the base's life support systems. You and your team (the game features online multiplayer) have to coordinate your efforts in order to get the life support systems up and running, or just give up and let everyone die a horrible death.

There are multiple solutions to the problem. Players will have access to repair tools, rovers, and player-controlled robots to help them get the job done. The game even features leaderboards. Perhaps getting to the top of them will invoke a Last Starfighter response from NASA. Probably not.

Developed by Virtual Heroes, Moonbase Alpha is a proof-of-concept, showing how NASA's technology and knowledge can be utilized to create interactive learning experiences. It's the precursor to a full-fledged NASA MMO, first revealed in February of last year.

I've only just downloaded the game myself. It's not the prettiest you'll ever see, but hey, I'm walking on the moon, and that's more than you can say for NASA right now.

Download Moonbase Alpha Free from Steam [Steam]

Moonbase Alpha


It's a fun, free little minigame, could be very fun if it was expanded on, If you have 30 min to an hour to kill, try it :P



  • VyavaVyava Member Posts: 893

    While it may not be the greatest single game I have ever seen I have to give NASA credit for putting it out there.

    One of the greatest blockades to scientific careers is lack of interest and this is a serious effort to build interest if nothing else.

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,555

    Yeah I downloaded it, I think it looks fine. Don't see what's wrong with the graphics. It is kinda fun to play, it isn't the best game I have ever played, but I bet the MMO will be pretty cool seeing as this co op is fun.

  • ChrisMatternChrisMattern Member Posts: 1,478

    Hey, look over there! Is that Martin Landau and Barbara Bain?

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