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Game problem

Hi peeps. Have this problem - whenever I try to launch the game, it goes "Download Failed: http://eu-patch.tcos.com/patch/PatchInfo.xml(HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable). Please contact customer service with this message.

So does anyone know what I should do? I'd really like to play this game..


  • VedstedsenVedstedsen Member Posts: 25

    Did you try and call customer service as told?

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  • FreakehFreakeh Member Posts: 12

    Define customer service?

  • CzelsiorCzelsior Member Posts: 41

    start the game with the sb_client.exe in The Chronicles of Spellborn/bin/client

    if you have any troubles with the game

    look into the official forum ,there are alot of threads which tell you how to install this game succesful.

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