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mysticquemysticque Member UncommonPosts: 36

I dont even know why this kind of game actually made it on the list. The same thing with NHN/IJJI games. They should be removed from the list permanently.

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  • jillinaboxjillinabox Member Posts: 5

    the same reason why all these other games are on here. also your point is naive, pwe is a major advertiser, like all mmo review sites, the reviews are advertorials which projects what the company wants to depict. you will not get an honest review/rating of a game from online publications, for the simple fact is they need to keep their advertisers happy

    if you want to knock them off the list just simply give them a 1 hype =)

    the definition of a bad game, when it advertises:
    "free to play forever"

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