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DarkSpace 1.535 Beta - Development Log

DrafellDrafell Member Posts: 588

Here is the latest list of changes for the upcoming release of version 1.535 of DarkSpace. The biggest changes will be improvements to the UI, and how players interact with game objects and NPC allies.

- Both nerfed and buffed tier one missiles to bring them back into the expected performance profile
# Maximum Range reduced.
# Damage increased.
# Arm delay reduced.
# Energy use increased.
# Fire rate decreased.
- Added button to navigation screen to show/hide AI ships.
- Flashing red border now appears on navigation or planets screens when enemy ships enter contact range of players' ships.
- Ships and units can be ordered by targeting them then right clicking.
- Right clicking performs context sensitive actions.
- Ground units now smoothly move to their new positions.
- Fixed issue with AI ships trying to orbit planets.
- Beacons are now removed on death.
- Left clicking on cargo icons targets the cargo, right clicking uses/unloads the cargo.
- Hint window now displays what left/right mouse buttons will do when clicked at all times.
- Spawned AI ships now have a rank equivalent to the rank needed to fly them. This prevents low-level players from giving orders to higher level AI ships.
- Contact buttons in navigation indicate if a player can order a ship or not based on their rank.
- Holding down the left or right mouse buttons rotate the view now.
- Planet view (F3) can now be used to view enemy planets and command landed troops on the surface.
- Navigation filter options are now saved.

A number of other changes are also forthcoming, and will be added to the list as soon as we have them ready for testing.

- The Development Team

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