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Whos excited for FFXIV to come out on PS3?

dark3n3dsouldark3n3dsoul Member Posts: 20

I will be getting this game for PS3 and will be playin it online. I have really high hopes for this game I hope it doesnt let me down. Is anyone else excited for this game to come out? if so are u also gettin it for the PS3 =D perhaps we can be friends?

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  • webbing2006webbing2006 Member CommonPosts: 44

    I am waiting for this on the PC. I am really waiting for the BETA to come out and try it out and put my input into the game. I tried the benchamrk tool on the PC and it looks great so far. I am not to sure about the PS3 version but I would try it out to see how that plays out. This game looks like it will appeal the FInal Fantasy Fans like my self. But my gamertag on the PS3 is infinitekills.

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  • dark3n3dsouldark3n3dsoul Member Posts: 20

    im sorry i believe i have posted this in the wrong place. should be in FFXIV forums. Im new to this sorry =(

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