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constant complaining before release

blackthornnblackthornn Member UncommonPosts: 611

Honestly, for the most part, I just don't get it.


Companies are paying the bills to develop games their research determines will sell, they are there to make a profit.  I really don't see how anyone thinks that constant bitching and complaining about a game that's not even released yet, and very little fact is actually known, can be thought to do anything but damage a games possable success.  ok, you're a fanboi of X IP or Y studio, but they've released half info on one facet of the game very briefly and you launch into twenty seperate threads of bitching and moaning about how it'll ruin the game, you'd play if it weren't for fact Z, it'll flop when it could be the WoW Killer fortold in the ancient prophecies, etc.


Seriously, if you're not footing the bill to dev it, you can vote with your wallet when it's launched right?  If you'd play without feature X or if they added something like Y, why not either let it rest or try it on launch.

imo, box sale price gets you a free month sub.  most ppl pay the same price for a console game (or single player game box)  and only play them for a month anyway, so what's the loss?  Try it you just might find it fun enough to keep your intrest, if not you're out the same as when you bought dragon age and found out it sucked so you only played for a week


Forum bitching won't help the game you say you want to play, it won't generally get a studio to wipe months of dev work and coding to add that feature you want in, it won't make them drop another 9 months to code another faction, a random generator to completely randomize purely custom companion npc's, etc.  What it will do is make people considering the game think 1) the community will be full of assclowns worse than wow for bitching rants, or 2) the game will be in no way worth ever playing if that many people are ranting and crying about what it could be if only it had this or that.


If the IP's something you'd dream to play if it had that one thing extra, it must have something going for it already to get you that riled up.  We all know there's jack shit to play out there worth a dime to alot of us, so lets just ride it out and see where the ride takes us.  Lets see what the studios making your gripe of the day are doing on launch and then if there's enough subs not driven away, perhaps patches and xpacs down the road may make it your dream game if they get the financing via subs to be worth adding to it.


just my thoughts.   /equip itemset 'flamesuit'

 Grouping in Old school mmo's: meeting someone at the bar and chatting, getting to know them before jumping into bed.  Current mmo's grouping: tinder.  swipe, hookup, hope you don't get herpes, never see them again.


  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    Im going to give your 'flamesuit' a little extra insulation as I agree with much of what you say.

    HOwever, while forum posters do not have any direct influence on a game's development and gameplay we would be mistaken to think they have no influence at all. Any single post complaining (or hyping) on some aspect of a game is unlikely to gain much influence. However a cascade of similar posts on a forum board will convey some narrative about the game. IN the end it is this narrative that posters are trying to create ...not by themselves, but collectivly (I will admt that some posters create numerous accounts in order to give the perception of multiple disgruntled players)

    In my opinion, these activities can be thought of as Forum Wars. Where you are indirectly grouping with other posters who share similar ideas against  those posters holding a conflicting viewpoint. Usually the battle lines are drawn not based on specific issues but broad generalizations (Two factions: The Trolls vs the FanBois. i.e. Those who hate one aspect of the game, support all posters who hate other aspects of that game).

    Forum wars often follow several rules

    • The post Title is the most important thing to write. Content is secondary. While some posters will priovide a text wall of differential analysis and text logs to back up their claim, others will simply write a 50 character 'gotcha' title with little to no content. Often players will visit a board and scan all the topic titles. To create a narrative, you want as many thread titles that agree with yours as possible.

    • Always keep your post bumped on the front page. Second page is  rarely viewed. Respond to all posters on your thread to keep that title in the front. The front page is the warfront.

    • Reply to all posts that ally with your thought on the game. Thereby bumping it to the top.

    • Never (or rarely) reply to a forum post that was begun by the opposite faction. It bumps that forum post (and it's title) to the top of the front page. You want it to fall to the back pages.

    • If you must reply to something posted in an opposing faction thread, create a new thread (with a new vilifying or enhancing title) with a cut paste quote and respond in this new thread.

    In the end, the forums become almost as PvP as any MMO game itself (Perhaps moreso). Whoever controls the front board with the most threads (pro or con) creates the narrative,. A narrative (Either pro or con...usually pro before launch and con afterwards) will influence how many players give an MMO a try and then continue subscribing afterwards.

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