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Why I like Star Quest

LyseriousLyserious Member Posts: 15

Because its fun.


Enough said.


People complaining about being suspended or paying off the admins and accusing them of all this stupid crap is just that.  Crap.


The administrative staff has been by far the best level of customer service i have ever had.  All the bugs i have reported have been addressed.  Any problems i have had, have also been addressed.  Plus on top of that these guys are dedicated to pleasing the player base.  This game has changed so much due to player suggestions and comments, it has really bumped up the experiance to a new level.

The main problem with this game is there are players within it that are content driven.  And they expect a small company such as them to produce the same level as a 100 man operation.   And so the company does accept donations and in return offers gifts in the form of content to those players.  Unfortunately those players believe that they have a say in what the company does and often demands start to be made.  When in reality CTS has drawn a line.

The people that have come here to this forum to drag my favorite game through the mud are those who have had multiple disciplinary actions taken against them.  And are guilty of "Donating for position" in the game themselves when they wildly throw accusations around.  And these people are in my opinion the definition of bad sportsman ship while playing games.  And because of our small community, its harder to avoid the retards than it is in bigger games, because there is a perception that it is "easier" to be "somebody" in this game where in others such as WoW or EVE when a retard is trying to pretend he is king of the world, he can be universally ignored.  Where here...often times those voices tend to be louder.

Has the actions of the players posting on the forums hurt my game.  Yes.  And i think it is unfair of them to ruin my gameplay because they did something wrong and the admins decided to enforce the rules on them.  I personally dont care how much money they decided to voluntarily give.  The developers of the game have intellectual control over it, and they set the rules be it soft conducted as a EULA or hard coded into the game itself.


I like starquest because I love space.  I love the idea of being able to travel to places that are loosly based off real life, set up a colony on a star that i can find in real life and say its mine.  The community that makes up the Alliance is tight nit and for the most part good people.  And all the donators are not all bad.  Many members of the community is friendly and helpful.  We are small.  And the Admin team while small is very dedicated to thier dream.  And only speaking for myself...i would never listen to a group of people who recently were banned from a game about thier opinions.

Give the game a shot.  Ive been hooked on it for years.  I like sand box games, and there is a lot of potential and the game is being updated every week or so with new features, bug corrections, and updates.


  • TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts Member UncommonPosts: 1,555

    If they care so much about pleasing the playerbase why is it at a all time low? 


    Most of Fleet just quit yesterday because of the horrid politics and favoritism in that game. 





    In fact I'd rather get Herpes than play SQO.

    "I am not in a server with Gankers...THEY ARE IN A SERVER WITH ME!!!"

  • LyseriousLyserious Member Posts: 15

    Because of your little group. Its pretty hypocritical saying things are one way when your group directly benifited from it and when you are disciplined you run around dragging the game through the mud because your sand castle was knocked over.


    I play the game and I have a lot of fun.  So keep trying to prove to me that I am not having fun.

  • MorrokMorrok Member Posts: 130

    ...why is it at a all time low?
    "all time low" are your words, yours alone. That does not make it a fact.

    Most of Fleet just quit yesterday because of the horrid politics and favoritism in that game.
    Not "most of fleet quit".
    A number of fleeties resigned their POSITIONS, which is something completely different.
    If they quit or not is yet to be determined.
    I think it's not too likely, but even IF they'll quit, they will do so for their own reasons.
    Most likely, from their posts, because they feel that their work for Fleet has not "properly" been recognized.
    Horrid politics:
    Yes, some are indeed bad.
    But then, it's all player-made and players make mistakes.
    For a prime example, look in the mirror Legion.
    Has been a major source of conflict since they went "live" with the game.
    Kind of comes with giving players control over other players' possibilities in-game.
    The signs indicate that this will be "properly" addressed, right along a suggestion that has been made a year ago.
    While details are not out yet, that is my hope at least.

    And in general:
    STOP trying to make a connection where there is none.
    Recent fleet issues are due to intra-faction disagreement and one group of players seeking to replace those that are currently "in power".
    It has no connection whatsoever to your ranting, except perhaps the "horrid politics" - but made by PLAYERS.

    In fact I'd rather get Herpes than play SQO.
    Says the guy who's bragged about being the "most hardcore of the hardcore" and who's called everyone that disagrees with him a "carebear".
    And see who's whining!
    Face it:
    You're not half as "hardcore" as you like to think you are!
  • NicemoonNicemoon Member Posts: 1

    I just found another Star Quest on Youtube. Here is the video link. 


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