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New 0.5.4 release !!

TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83

PlaneShift team is very proud to announce a new update for our clients and servers!! The new release is called 0.5.4 and is a solid upgrade from previously available 0.5.3. Here is a detailed list of changes. Please note that you can upgrade from 0.5.3 but follow the instructions in our download page for this.


  • An very nice expansion of Ojaveda has been added: Dsar Kore. Many thanks to Xoel for building this new area!! With this addition the enkidukai will finally have enough place to live and prosper. There also be new space for guildhouses.

  • Completely new user interface for the character creation, much more readable and usable! A new login screen as well on the same theme.

  • First implementation of wizard robes! For now it's only available to NPCs, see Levrus, but soon will be available to players as well.

  • Introduction in game of bracers! They are not only new items, but they are also visible when you char wears them. We are adding now quests which will provide the bracers to you.

  • The male and female enkidukai heads have been improved by adding more polygons.

  • The hairs of all characters have been changed to avoid having a plastic look

  • Water reflections! Added in few places as test, allows the water surfaces to reflect the environment. Still need some improvement to look more realistic.


  • Ability to support maps with image backgrounds. To be used as maps of major cities, given to new players.

  • New soundmanager, which allows us to have monsters emit sounds! Thanks to Agy for the hard work on this.

  • Implementation of ranged weapons. They are fully functional now!

  • Expansion of the tribes system! The NPCs are getting smarter, and are now aware of being part of a larger tribe. They can call for help if attacked, and they can expand. This feature is still under testing, but will be largely used in the future to make our world more interactive.


  • More sounds and more music added to the game

Known bugs

  • The client crashes on exit (we are working on it)

  • The sound on linux seems to malfunction on certain systems (Pulse audio).
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