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SLOOP giveaway, newbie screenshot contest

brash99brash99 Member UncommonPosts: 94

Details here


The intent of this contest is to encourage new players to explore many of the beautiful parts of Telon.

Each day, I will give a small map and clues to a specific "chunk" in the gameworld, giving 24 hours for people to locate that chunk and take a screenshot of their character there.

The best screenshot of the day, will win a daily award of 1 gold. At the end of the contest, all of the daily screenshot winners will automatically be entered into the GRAND PRIZE round, with the winner winning their very own sloop!

It's been a while since my last sloop giveaway so figured now was a good time to do it again ^_^   

This is especially meant to encourage new players to get off the "levelling treadmill" and instead, to explore one of the most beautiful gameworld in any MMO.


I won't be updating this thread, and please do use the link above to "enter" as only entries on the official forum link,  will count. I just wanted to get the word out here also!



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