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Pure Awesomesauce

I love MMOs that are aimed at younger audiences. They are usually a ton of fun to play casually. There is all too often I can't take the drama in big MMOs and playing these are a terrific way to just have fun. MSHSO looks like it will be bringing Super Heroes into this and I, for one, can not wait.


  • cloverpoecloverpoe Member Posts: 8

    Yup saw this on youtube got to say its pretty cute their chibi characters, and i also watched the cartoon which i love and adore. i hope they release this game soon.

  • RavenLoonRavenLoon Member UncommonPosts: 7

    Please keep me informed if you know anything about the release date or Beta info. This does look really cute and I agree that some of the games aimed at the younger gamers are sometimes more fun than the ones for the older age groups. It does say "For kids of all ages" Thats me! :)  lol


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,015

    this game sounds real fun, but i also hope some good dev make a mmorpg from the real marvel  heroes and not the mini hero squad (please dont suggest SOE make it cos it will end up just as bad as DCUO)

  • lxmsheepylxmsheepy Member UncommonPosts: 4


    The same company thats making SHSO is also making a more adult version with Marvel heroes.  Could be fun if the do it well.  It will similiar to SHSO in that you play as actual Marvel characters, instead of making your own like DCU/CoH/CO.

  • RavenLoonRavenLoon Member UncommonPosts: 7

    That would be cool if they made a version geared toward the adult crowd, but I still really enjoy the fun kid stuff too. I loved CoH/CoV. DCU and CO just didn't do it for me. I think I had a hard time manuevering through as easily as I could with CoH. They're pretty good games, but I guess I'm not a good enough gamer to be able to enjoy them like the hard core player to enjoy them.


  • splitcoldsplitcold Member Posts: 73

    No gear no skills, what are you supposed to do in this game? play the same mission over and over...

  • TioanbeastTioanbeast Member Posts: 23

    Originally posted by splitcold

    No gear no skills, what are you supposed to do in this game? play the same mission over and over...

    It's sort of like the games for like Xbox and stuff but online so you can play with others over the internet. You save up to get new stuff, you put furniture in the rooms and you go around the city destroying flying suasers. Also in your HQ you can use the furniture to hit your characters, and destroy the room then reset and do it again.

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