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EQ1 server merge 6/22 - 7/6

MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

Here's the official info regarding EQ1's server merges.  Anybody that cares about their account and/or their characters should read on.


Important Information Regarding Your EverQuest® Account

Greetings EverQuest Adventurer!

In order to maintain a high level of gameplay across the EverQuest universe, on June 22, 2010, EQ will begin consolidating the following servers. These merges are scheduled to occur between June 22nd and July 6th, 2010.

Server 1

Server 2

Result Name



Stromm - Luclin


Maelin Starpyre

Maelin Starpyre - Drinal


Druzzil Ro

Druzzil Ro - Xegony

The Tribunal


Bristlebane - The Tribunal

Fennin Ro

Cazic Thule

Cazic Thule - Fennin Ro



Bertoxxulous - Saryrn

The Seventh Hammer


Tunare - The Seventh Hammer


The Rathe

Prexus - The Rathe



Quellious - Povar

Erollisi Marr

The Nameless

The Nameless - Erollisi Marr

Become a part of EverQuest's future! We'll be launching a new server in the coming months and Zatozia will be looking for your input into what it should be named. Keep checking to find out how to choose your favorite.

To help make this transition as smooth as possible, we will be offering one free server transfer to all affected characters for seven days after your character is moved to the new server as a result of the server merge. Please see below for additional details. We will also be offering reduced rates on several customer service items in the in-game Marketplace between June 22nd and July 6th, 2010. These will include the following:

  • Character Transfers

    • New Rate During Transition Period (June 29th - July 6th only): 1000 SC

  • Potion of Amnesia (character name change)

    • New Rate During Transition Period: 500 SC

  • Potion of Disgenderment (gender change)

    • New Rate During Transition Period: 500 SC

  • Witness Protection Pack (character name and gender change)

    • New Rate During Transition Period: 700 SC

  • Transmogrification Scroll (race change)

    • New Rate During Transition Period: 1500 SC

Character Transfer Tokens are subject to usage rules available in the Marketplace description.

We hope that these changes will provide players with an even more enjoyable EQ experience.

Character Transfers

The next time you log into game once your character has been moved to the new server as a result of the server merge, you will be prompted to transfer servers. If you choose to defer the transfer at that time, you can access the transfer again by typing "/servertransfer" into your in-game window but please note that this service will only be available for the 7-day period following the server merge.

Character Names

Priority for character names will be based on the date the character was first created. Subsequent players with the same name will have an "x" appended to their name until a unique name can be determined. The same process will be applied to guild names. Players that receive an "X" appended to their Character Names can change it by typing the "/changename" command into their chat window. Guilds that wish to change their names will need to use the "/petition" command.

Inactive Characters

Accounts with characters below level 10 that have been inactive for six months or more will be purged from the EQ system.

Accounts with More Than Eight Characters

Accounts with characters on the merging servers will have their character names alphabetized, and only the first eight listed will be accessible until characters are deleted to make room. Any characters past the first 8 are not deleted, they are simply inaccessible until one of the first 8 is deleted to make room. The character limit for accounts with Station Access is 10 characters.

Shared Banks

If a player's account has characters on both servers, the most recently updated bank will have priority unless it is empty. Players must empty out the shared bank they don't want to keep before the merge. If players wind up with the wrong shared bank (they didn't empty out the other one in time, etc.) they can use "/petition" to have the other shared bank copied over.

UI and Character Settings

All character UI and character settings will need to be reset.


All corpses will be sent to Shadowrest.

EQ players

Player information will be updated to reflect new names/guilds/servers.


New servers will allow two of the same artifacts.

-Sony Online Entertainment


Additional merge tips and FAQ




  • worldspin85worldspin85 Member Posts: 187

    its been 10 years since i lastplayed eq and let me tell u from all the other mmo's i have played nothing adds up to being as good as EQ !!!!! so i subscirbed last night and i have been playing even tho the population is down (dont worry SERVER ERGE Coming) it still feels likes its the first time i played 10 years ago with all the new content and expansion i would love to see this game make a comeback and i recommend everyone to give this another TRY !!!!


    SERVER merge is COming

  • Heffy424Heffy424 Member UncommonPosts: 524

    I've been considering it lately as to the last few times I did it (one of those times was for the progression server). I've had an total blast. My question however is how populated are the servers compared to tha 51 server?

  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    Originally posted by reid424

    I've been considering it lately as to the last few times I did it (one of those times was for the progression server). I've had an total blast. My question however is how populated are the servers compared to tha 51 server?

    51/50 server was the most populated server during the first few months of its opening.  After awhile things slowed down a bit, many went back to their main characters on other servers.  I would say right now all the servers have more population than 51/50.  It would definitely be the case after the server merge.


  • Heffy424Heffy424 Member UncommonPosts: 524

    Well that is some good news i was kinda hesistant to give up my characters I have, I do like the 51/50 or whatever its called since Some classes I'd hate to grind that high (like a bard or rogue).

  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    Looks like the merge is happening tomorrow:


    The following servers will be down and undergoing the announced server merges on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 beginning at 12:01 am (U.S. PDT). The maintenance is expected to take 12 hours: Stromm, Drinal, Xegony, The Tribunal, Fennin Ro, Saryrn, The Seventh Hammer, Prexus, Quellious, Erollisi Marr, Luclin, Maelin Starpyre, Druzzil Ro, Bristlebane, Cazic-Thule, Bertoxxulous, Tunare, The Rathe, Povar, and The Nameless.

    Additionally, Zek, Firiona Vie, Antonius Bayle, Mayong will also be undergoing maintenance on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 beginning at 12:01 am (U.S. PDT) for a brief game update to address zone stability issues. Expected downtime for these for servers is 2 hours.

    U.S. PDT is -7 GMT: 1:01 am MDT, 2:01 am CDT, 3:01 am EDT, 7:01 am GMT, 8:01 am CET. Please check your favorite time zone converter for accurate downtimes for your area.

    The EQPlayers website will also be unavailable during the downtime for the server merges.

    For up-to-date news and discussion, you can visit the Official EverQuest Forums.


  • spades07spades07 Member UncommonPosts: 852

    proves the numbers are dwindling...and nowhere near '110,000' subscribers.

  • LadyAlibiLadyAlibi Member UncommonPosts: 297

    Checking on eqplayers,  my SK ended up being Mirinxxx on Xegony. Female, dark elf... that name makes me feel like a pr0n star. 

    I haven't checked to see if my zerker ended up being Roliax, but that name would actually be pretty cool for a zerker.  


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