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I get banned for having multiple accounts. Fix it. Please. I've emailed twice.

Zeppelin5084Zeppelin5084 Member Posts: 2

Sorry if I sound disgruntled but I got banned for having multiple accounts so I cannot access my old account. What happened was that I wished to create a new one and delete my old one, purely just so I can change the username. I created a new one, then deleted the old one and then changed the email of the new one back to the old account, so I could still get the updates. I was then banned, and my old account was deleted.


Normally, this wouldn't of made me angry. However I sent an email as soon as this happened to the [email protected] email address that it gave me. It said I can contact them if I had felt I'd been banned in error. So I contacted them.


They did not respond. I tried again, and they still have not responded. What kind of bullshit support is this if you email them and they ignore you? This is one of my favorite gaming sites for updates and I use it frequently. All I want is to get back into my account!!!!! If you DM this account I can give you any information you need.... OR maybe you should just check your email.


Make it happen.


  • Zeppelin5084Zeppelin5084 Member Posts: 2

    Of course. Not one comment, email, or private message. You guys frown on curse-laden rants but sure give people enough reason to have them. This "help desk" is a joke. What's the point of giving you an email and support forum when neither are checked, and if they are, they just ignore your problem.

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