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Note to MMORPG? Game isn't "In Development" status

UnrealdjUnrealdj Member Posts: 24

So can an Admin change to status to Beta?

Anyway we can notify?

Good game, needs tons more people on it though.

Word to the wise, don't judge the game until you try a Kingdom War in a guild. This is what seperates this game from most others.


  • wyrdaskolirwyrdaskolir Member UncommonPosts: 563

    This game is amazing. The community surprised me by helping me so much. Random people give me useful items like mounts and gear and train me/ give me advice. It's because everyone wants their own country(faction) to be stronger. I used to play Darkfall but it took too much of my time. KW doesn't take as much time and has similar futures such as territorial control, sea warfare, and much more. I have to say that the community in this game is the most helpful that I have seen after 8 years of gaming.

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