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Questions about Vanguard now

I played Vanguard for about two years starting from its launch and really enjoyed the game. I played on the PvP server and though it was fun, the pvp never really managed to get fixed properly.

I now play darkfall and it is starting to get dull for me so I am looking back at some games i enjoyed in the past.


1) is there still a good population playing this game? Hows the PvP server? which PvE servers are most active for an oceanic player (japan/hawaii)?

2) has there been content added over the past year? I was still around for trial island and the update after that which i recall includede extreme faction grinding (this didnt appeal to me.) So I am talking about content after that.

Thanks in advance


  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,936

    There are server merges coming in July to focus the population. There seems to be a decent population but it is mostly die hard players. Recently there was a decent influx of playes but it's not like a new game at launch by any means.

    The trial island has at times a very large population. I imagine that some of those players get siphoned through to the main game.

    The pvp server has a very sparse population from what I hear.

    There has been content added over the past year. It seems more for higher levels but I could be wrong.

    I maintain a Vanguard account though haven't been on much because of time and that I have a somewhat limited amount of time to play games at the moment. As soon as that frees up I'll be back in game.

    There is also a guild called "After Hours" that you might want to look at. There should be a few threads as well as a sitckied thread on this forum

  • SoludeSolude Member UncommonPosts: 691

    Pop is good, will be better after the merge.  Merge also means... no PvP server.  Not sure about the time line but a few end game raids were added as well as group content.  Also the whole hero levels of 51-55.

  • SaharasSaharas Member Posts: 9

    They have also added "Mentoring" in which a higher level player 5 levels above at least can mentor down to someone in the group and help out.  Higher level goes down in level and abilities to be same level at one who wanted mentoring.  Higher level gets good xp but one thing is that no one in group gets Faction Coins (incl Plats).

  • SoludeSolude Member UncommonPosts: 691

    Mentoring has made leveling up much better since veterans are more than happy to jummp down to help you finish hunter's league, bounty, urt, swamp, shadowhound...

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