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WORST support ever!

SanshiruSanshiru Member Posts: 3

About 2 years ago I started playing Talisman. Then I got tired of it after about 6 months, played other games but kept coming back every now and then.

So now after about 1 year abstinence I had my system re-installed and thought I might as well start playing the game anew, installed it and ran into two major problems. So I opened up a support ticket on their new and weird looking support page, which you cannot access with your game account, and instead you have to create a new account just for the support page itself. 

Here what I wrote in the ticket and their answer to that:

NOTE: as you can see, I sent my dxdiag log so they would have my full system specs.



My Message #1

2010-05-30 05:28:48

I just reinstalled the game and wanted to log on. first problem is, that each time i start the patcher it anew patches the game. it does not save the patch it seems. second and biggest problem is, that when i log in it first says 'connection succeeded' and right after that another pop up saying 'connection interrupted' the game is on the exception list of my firewall and not blocked by anything. i'm using vista sp2 (fresh install) and kis 2010. attached find my dxdiag log.


GM Message #1

2010-05-30 19:22:09


Sorry for that.Maybe your pc system does not match with the game,please try again later or change the system if possible.

Good luck.


MC Customer Support Team


I don't think there is anything else that needs to be said, only that I am glad that I never purchased anything from their cash shop. Not just is this horrible technical support, but they aren't even able to live up to minimum customer services standards.


[edit] Oh and for all who wonder how the problem can be solved:

Run the game as admin, then those problems don't occur.

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