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Best harvesting skills to make money later on?

IM lkn to get into crafting but not to actually make anything..  Anyone who has knowledge in the area please let me know what would be a good (in game) money making First and second skill (in harvesting) in the short and long term of my character ( currently lvl 10 shammy)   I dont have time for diplomacy and I dont want to get into crafting... but I wouldnt mind knocking on some 'nodes' once and awhile or skinning a 'cat' or whatever it takes <grin>


Thanks very much



  • SaharasSaharas Member Posts: 9

    Quarry is very profitable for T5 stuff and rares and ultra rares on the way up.   Pretty much all ultra rares are good money on brokers.  Lately the T1 & T2 stuff has been selling well because people have gone past it and don't want to take time to go back to harvest at those tiers so they buy them instead.

    Second one could be mining since lots are used for armor and weapons.  Again the UR to do upgrades are big.

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